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Strategies for disseminating scientific research and facilitating open science


The Departmental Research and Higher Degrees Committee (DRHDC) at the Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE) invited Professor Martin Hagger from The University of California, Merced, in the United States to share tips on disseminating scientific research and applying open science in a research seminar on April 12, 2021. The seminar attracted 40 participants to register.       

Having served as an editor-in-chief of numerous leading journals in psychological sciences, Professor Hagger pinpointed the importance of the structure of research articles. The introduction and conclusion of a research article are particularly pivotal to the structure due to the primacy and recency effects on readers’ recalling. After writing a research article scientifically, Professor Hagger suggested for us to submit the work to an appropriate journal by following their publication guidelines. Professor Hagger emphasised that we should think positively about reviewers’ comments and respond to them respectfully. He finally illustrated the advantages of open science. It especially allows other researchers to replicate studies by using shared research data, designs, and analyses.