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ECE colleague shared practical experience in promoting art appreciation through Padlet


The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) invited Dr. Cheung Lai Ha of the Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE) as one of the speakers to share her experience and practices in promoting art appreciation to a group of ECE in-service student teachers through Padlet on March 12, 2021. More than 25 participants attended the sharing session.      

ECE in-service student teachers who are in Dr. Cheung’s elective course of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) (ECE) Part-time programme served as pilots. They took advantage of a free online virtual whiteboard Padlet to sharpen their art appreciation and art assessment skills. They were not only designing their own Padlet walls with pictures and video clips in Phase 1, but also disseminated their children’s works within individual classes with their peers, teachers and parents in Phase 2.

Despite receiving positive feedbacks on art learning and teaching through Padlet, Dr. Cheung shared her solution in encountering difficulties in recruiting student teachers as participants in Phase 2. The issue was settled by adopting a top-down approach since many school principals were open to innovative teaching aids like Padlet.