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Visiting Scholars


Visiting Professors

Name Visiting Period Home Institutions Event(s)
Prof Jane Oakhill 5-19  /1/2020 University of Sussex, UK Seminar: Children’s difficulties with text comprehension: From theory & research to support & intervention. (10 January 2020)
Prof Dorit Aram 16-23 /6/2019 Tel Aviv University, Israel

Seminar: Writing with pre-schoolers: A stimulus for the development of early literacy skills (18 June 2019)

Seminar: Early childhood in Israel: History, Policy, and Practice (19 June 2019)

Prof Mark O'Reilly 19-25 /5/2019 The University of Texas at Austin, US Keynote Speech of Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education (CRECE): Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorderin Inclusive School Settings: A Best-Evidence Synthesis (23 May 2019)
Prof Susan Elizabeth Edwards 18-26 /6/2018 Australian Catholic University, Australia

Seminar: Understanding Pedagogical Play-framework: theory and practice (20 June 2018)

Workshop: Designing an investigation into digital play (22 June 2018)

Prof Marilyn Fleer 15-20 /5/2018 Monash University, Australia Keynote Speech of Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education (CRECE): Scientific Playworlds: Promoting Conceptual Play in Eary Childhood Settings (19 May 2018)
Prof Sacha Powell 24/2/2018 - 3/3/2018 Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Seminar: Exploring professionalism in continuity of care approaches to early learning provision for children form birth to three (27 February 2018)

Seminar: The place and purpose of singing in early childhood settings (in England) (1 March 2018)

Prof Thomas Bradbury 10/9 - 20/9/2017 Universiy of California, Los Angeles

Seminar: Communication in Intimate Relationships: Unexpected Results and Emerging Controversies (12 September 2017)

Seminar: Writing Grant Proposals: A Practical Approach for Emerging Scholars (13 September 2017)

Prof Thomas Power 15/5 - 26/5/2017 Washington State University

Seminar: How do mothers help their children cope with stress? Basic research and preliminary evaluation of a parent education program (18 May 2017)

Seminar: Preventing obesity in early childhood: development, evaluation, and dissemination of a family based program (22 May 2017)

Prof Yuko Hashimoto

9/12 - 13/12/2016

8/5 - 12/5/2017

Kwansei Gakuin University

Seminar: Fostering social and moral development in Japanese early childhood classrooms (12 December 2016)

Seminar: Educational practices in Japanese kindergaretns form a constructivist approach (13 December 2016)

Keynote Speech of Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education (CRECE):  Promoting Children's Social, Emotional, and Moral Development in Japanese Early Childhood Classrooms. (11 May 2017)

Prof Jayne Osgood 16/5 - 25/5/2017 Middlesex University 7th Montessori Asia Conference
Prof Kristiina Kumpulainen 10/5 - 12/5/2016 University of Helsinki Keynote Speech of Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education (CRECE): The success of Finland's educational system (12 May 2016)
Prof Thomas Power 8/5 - 19/5/2016 Washington State University

Seminar: Parental Feeding and Children's Self-Regulation of Eating (16 May 2016)

Seminar: Self-Regulation, Effortful Control and Executive Functioning in Preschool Children - Visual Methodologies and Arts-Informed Research (18 May 2016)

Prof Rachel Holmes 13/3 - 18/3/2016 Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Seminar: The Role of Curiosity in Childhood Research (14 March 2016)

Seminar: Visual Methodologies and Arts-informed Research (16 March 2016)

Docent Prof Ann Merete Otterstad 16/1 - 26/1/2016 Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway

Seminar: Undertaking ethnographic and phenomenological research within the context of a Norwegian kindergarten (18 January 2016)

Seminar: Examining some of the professional and pedagogical complexities that are encountered when ethnic minority children make the transition to and within Norway (20 January 2016)

Seminar: The ‘competent child’: Young children’s participation within the kindergarten (22 January 2016)

Prof Adam Winsler 29/5-11/6/2015 George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Seminar: The Strengths of Bilingualism, Dual Language Learners, and Immigrant Families: School Readiness, Executive Functioning, and Early School Performance and Behavior in the Context of the USA (1 June 2015)

Workshop: Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques, Safe Statistics, and Dealing with Missing and Nested Data (4 June 2015)

Seminar: How to Scaffold Children's Learning and Development (8 June 2015)

Workshop: Childcare, School Readiness, Grade Retention, and Early School Performance Among Ethnically Diverse, Children in Poverty: Results from the Miami School Readiness Project (MSRP) (10 June 2015)

Prof Thomas Power 16/4-2/5/2015 Washington State University

Workshop: Observational Data Analysis Workshop: Strategies for Analyzing Observational Data (20 April 2015)

Workshop: Getting Published:  Tips for Writing Compelling Journal Articles (29 April 2015)

Prof Thomas Power 20-30 /10/2013 Washington State University

Workshop: An Introduction to Prevention Science (22 October 2013)

Workshop: Observational research methods (28 October 2013)

Seminar: Parenting and Children's Emotion Regulation (25 October 2013)

Informal Research Meeting: Childhood obseity/children's health (24 October 2013)

Informal Research Meeting: Meeting with teaching staff who completed their doctorate degree (28 October 2013)

Prof Elizabeth Graue 15-28 /9/2013 University of Wisconsin – Madison

Workshop: Research Questions (Bring your research questions/draft questions to share) (17 September 2013)

Workshop: Research Design (Come prepared to discuss your design ideas) (19 September 2013)

Workshop: Literature Review (What needs to be included and why: how to make a convincing case) (23 September 2013)

Workshop: Significance, impact, budget, roles of researchers, implications, data management plan etc. (How to deal with these aspects of grants: come with questions) (25 September 2013)

Prof Karen Chia-yu Liu 1/7/2012 - 31/7/2013 Indiana State University

Seminar: Challenges researchers face in academia (8 April 2013) 

Workshop: The Rubric: A Tool to Empower Your Ability to Assess Students' Learning Outcomes Accurately and Fairly (20 November 2012)

Prof Bert van Oers 28/4/2013 - 8/5/2013 VU University Amsterdam

Informal discussion: Research & Teaching Collaboration (30 April 2013)

Seminar: Towards a new theory of play: understanding play from a cultural-historical perspective (3 May 2013)

Seminar: Evaluating the different positions of play in the early years curriculum (6 May 2013)

Prof Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson 27/4/2013 - 4/5/2013 Göteborg University

Workshop: Phenomenography (30 April 2013)

Seminar: Educational encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Didactics (2 May 2013)

Prof Elizabeth Graue 7-20 /1/2013 University of Wisconsin – Madison

Workshop: Constructing experience through analysis & respresentation (10 January 2013)

Seminar: Why We Need both Generalizable and Contingent Knowledge in Early Childhood Research (14 January 2013)

Prof Nicola Yelland 30/8/2012 - 14/9/2012 Victoria University Seminar: Ethnography, multiplicity and The Global Childhoods Project: Reflections on establishing an interdisciplinary, transnational, Multi-sited research collaboration (7 September 2012)
Prof Susan Jane Grieshaber 19-26 /2/2012 Queensland University of Technology, , Australia Seminar: Processes of transformation: From an Institute to a University (21 February 2012)
Prof Chen Lung An 29/10/2011 - 12/11/2011 Shih Chien University

Seminar: My Personal Experience in The Life-long Creative Thinking (4 November 2011)

Seminar: Creativity and Creative Teaching (10 November 2011)

Prof Linda Siegel 12-27 /10/2011 University of British Columbia

Seminar: Teaching English to Chinese Learners: the Xian experiment (19 October 2011)

Seminar: Understanding Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities (24 October 2011)


Visiting Scholars

Name Visiting Period Home Institutions Event(s)
Dr Rachel Jones 10-16 /3/2019 University of Wollongong, Australia

Seminar: The missing piece - the physical domain of child development (27 March 2019)

Seminar: Is there something missing from the professional development in the ECEC sector? (28 March 2019)

Dr Kate Williams 14-18 /1/2019 Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Workshop: Rhythm and movement for self-regulation in preschool (14 January 2019)

Seminar: Change is certain: Approaches to modelling the dynamics of early childhood development (18 January 2019)

Dr Elisa Delvecchio 15-20 /5/2018 University of Perugia, Italy Seminar: Affect in Play Scale: Assessing child's cognitive and affective development through pretend play (17 May 2018)
Dr Riikka Mononen 5-11 /3/2018 University of Oslo, Norway Seminar: Supporting children at risk for mathematical learning difficulties using ThinkMath intervention programme (8 March 2018)
Dr Jennifer Masters 6/6 - 16/6/2016 University of Tasmania

Seminar: Using digital technologies with young children: Creating, thinking and imagining (6 June 2016)

Seminar: The Learning Journey Protfolio: Using an e-portfolio to represent student learning across an early childhood program (10 June 2016)

Seminar: Cyber safety to cyber citizens: How to support children growing up with the online world (13 June 2016)

Dr Susan Edwards

9-18 /3/2014


Australian Catholic University

Seminar: Research-based teaching in pre-service teacher education (11 March 2014)

ICT Workshop to Pre-service students: Using digital technologies and digital media in early childhood settings (12 March 2014)