Le-Xuan Zhang


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Dr. Le-Xuan ZHANG received her EdD from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), a Master’s Degree from Boston Conservatory, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Wuhan Conservatory. She was a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, EdUHK. Prior to joining EdUHK, she had working experiences in public schools in Massachusetts, USA, and in international schools (including the International Baccalaureate school) in Shenzhen, China. Besides working as a music teacher, she was also involved as a curriculum director and executive principal while working in international schools.


Le-Xuan is passionate about school education, teacher education, and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary pedagogies and strategies. Academically, she published articles related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment for school music lesson implementation. Her research works on school education, student-centered learning approach, and educational philosophy have been published in different international journals and edited volumes.


Practically, Le-Xuan received teaching certificates in Kodaly Teaching Approach (Level I, II, III) and Conversational Solfege (Level I & II) for K-12 education from the University of Hartford, and First Steps in Music for early childhood education from Gordon College. She has more than five years of experience as a K-12 teacher trainer sharing innovative pedagogies and strategies with music teachers. Le-Xuan holds an inclusive education philosophy and is always willing to build educational connections and collaborations with peers and students, both locally and internationally.

  • Qualifications

    EdD (The Education University of Hong Kong)

    MA (Boston Conservatory)

    BA (Wuhan Conservatory)

  • Areas of Teaching

    Music Teaching Method

    Pedagogy in Music Education

  • Research Interests

    School Music Education

    Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Education (e.g., STEAM)

    Formative Assessment

    Student-centered Learning Approach

  • Selected Outputs

    • Zhang, L. X., & Leung, B. W. (2023). Context matters: adaptation of student-centred education in China school music classrooms. Music Education Research,
    • Zhang, L. X., & Hebert, D. G. (2023). Beyond Education: A Comparison of Tagore and Hu Shih’s Educational Philosophies. In Comparative and Decolonial Studies in Philosophy of Education (pp. 89-105). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
    • Zhang, L. X., Leung, B. W., & Yang, Y. (2022). From theory to practice: Student-centered pedagogical implementation in primary music demonstration lessons in Guangdong, China. International Journal of Music Education
    • 張樂瑄副主編 (2021): 《中小學音樂課堂體驗活動設計》[Design of music classroom experience-based activities in primary and secondary schools], 西南師范大學出版社。
    • 張樂瑄 (2020). 互動視唱 — 衍生於柯達伊教學法的一套當代美國音樂教學課程》(上、下) [Conversational Solfege – A Contemporary US Music Teaching Course Derived from Kodaly Teaching Approach], 中國音樂教育.