Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 7, Issue 2, Article 9 (Dec., 2006)
Emine Selcen DARÇIN  & Lütfullah TÜRKMEN
A study of prospective Turkish science teachers’   knowledge at the popular biotechnological issues

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A study of prospective Turkish science teachers’ knowledge at the popular biotechnological issues

Emine Selcen DARCIN

Faculty of  Gazi EducationGazi University
Besevler, Ankara 06500, TURKEY


Lütfullah TÜRKMEN

Faculty of Education, Usak University 
Usak 64000, TURKEY

Received 18 Oct., 2006
Revised 14 Dec., 2006



The purpose of this study was to determine the knowledge level of popular biotechnological issues of prospective Turkish science teachers. A questionnaire was administered during 2005-2006 academic year to 194 students in the Department of Science Education of a university in Turkey. The questionnaire covered six biotechnological issues such as biotechnology, agrobiotechnology, human health and pharmacy, environment and biotechnology, and food production with biotechnology. Results showed that whereas department of science education students had an approximate consistent knowledge of describing biotechnology and human health/pharmacy that almost all students had an inadequate knowledge about other biotechnological issues. Finally, the results were compared with other studies in the world.

Keywords: biotechnology education, science education, biotechnological issues

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