Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 7, Issue 2, Article 9 (Dec., 2006)
Emine Selcen DARÇIN   &  Lütfullah TÜRKMEN
A study of prospective Turkish science teachers’   knowledge at the popular biotechnological issues

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The Biotechnological Issues Questionnaire





1. A number of one-cellular microorganisms could be used in biotechnology,  such as, bacteria, algae, protozoa, and viruses.




2. The biotechnological products produced  by transgenic microbes have   no harmful effects at al.




3. Only the embryonic stem cells are potentially able to differentiate into all cell types 




4. Biotechnological methods show 100% certain successful results in agricultural fight for weeds and vermin.




5. Producing antibiotics is mainly related to the field of pharmacy but potentially biotechnological methods should be used to produce antibiotics. 




6. Organic acids, such as citric acid and lactic acid could not be obtained with the way of biotechnological methods.




7. It could be possible that the plants produced by means of  the tissue culture method could   provide  the same amount of plant products.




8. With the biotechnological ways, it is not possible to change organic garbage to the energy.  




9. Yoghurt, wine, and vinegar could be the samples of biotechnological products.




10.   Primer products such as, carbohydrates, amino acids, and alcohols could be   produced by means of the biotechnological methods used genetic engineering techniques. 




11. The number of organ transplantations could be decreased in the future because of potentially using stem cells.    




12. Stem cells could be obtained with the recombinant DNA technology.




13. Biotechnological methods merely based on transfering genes from one organism to another.




14. Until now, all plants are produced with plant tissue culture techniques. 




15. The producing ethyl alcohol with fermentation could be a kind of biotechnological procedure. 




16. Genetically modified plants could have side effects on the biological diversity in worldwide.




17. Cytogenetics is field that focuses on fast production and improvement, changing of organisms.




18. Commercially obtained enzymes could be only produced from plants. 




19. The most common genetically modified plants, such as corn, soybeans could threat the biodiversity of Turkey. 




20. The yeast is not used in biotechnological methods.





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