Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 7, Issue 2, Article 9 (Dec., 2006)
Emine Selcen DARÇIN   &  Lütfullah TÜRKMEN
A study of prospective Turkish science teachers’   knowledge at the popular biotechnological issues

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Materials and Methods

“The Biotechnological Issues Questionnaire” was administered to 194 science education undergraduate students (prospective science teachers) in a Turkish university   during the 2005-2006 academic years (See in the appendix). The questionnaire contains 20 questions relating to knowledge of popular biotechnological issues. The responses of students for each item in the questionnaire correspond that if the meaning of a statement is correct, it is expected to be checked the true box, if the meaning of a statement is not correct, the answer is to be the false box. Finally, if they have any idea about a statement, they chose the neutral box.  The data was analyzed by using SPSS (Statical Package for the Social Sciences, ver.13.0) for the frequency, percentage of each statement, according to responses of students based on the questionnaire employed in this study.

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