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Files in Volume 1 Issue 2
Article Title English/Chinese (Big5) Simplified Chinese (GB)
A Paradigm Shift in Science Learning and Teaching
Yin Cheong CHENG
foreword.pdf (292KB)  

Nurturing and training of creative thinking ability in physics experiments
Dean Li

dli.pdf (515KB) dli_gb.pdf (531KB)
The Assessment of Science Learning in Schools in Hong Kong: the status quo and future directions  
May CHENG, Winnie SO and Francis CHEUNG
mcheng_eng.pdf (473KB)  
The Schools Around the World project: an attempt to enhance the quality of science teaching
May CHENG, Winnie SO and Francis CHEUNG
mc_eng.pdf (416KB)  
How to teach and learn physics with information technology: some suggestions and sharing
Ka Kit WAN
kkwan.pdf (986KB) kkwan_gb.pdf (1,012KB)
Topic Microsoft PowerPoint ( .pps )
Microsoft Word ( .doc )
Adobe Acrobat ( .pdf )
Circular motion (centrifuge)
circular_motion.pps(1232KB) circular_motion.pdf(1717KB)
Electric Bill and Fuse Rating
fuse_and_bill.pps(4132KB) fuse_and_bill.pdf(1131KB)
Projectile Orbits and Satellite Orbitsñ 6gfield_1.doc(50KB) 6gfield_1.pdf(48KB)
Kepler's law of motion
6gfield_2.doc(49KB) 6gfield_2.pdf(45KB)
Learn Electricity with EWB
Implications of Data-logging on A.L. Physics Experiments: A Preliminary Study
Pun Hon NG and Yau Yuen YEUNG
phng_eng.pdf (1,210KB)
Topic Microsoft Multimedia
( .avi )
QuickTime movie ( .mov )
Bouncing ball experiment Bouncing.avi(7.64MB)
Centripetal force of a pendulum at its lowest position experimen Centripetal.avi(1879KB)
Resistance of a light-bulb filament experiment Resistance.avi(7.52MB)
Students doing the bouncing ball experiment
Primary Science Newsletter - Issue Two (Internet version)
Special Editor: Yeung Chung LEE
  • Examples of scientific investigation - Growing of beans
  • Topic QuickTime movie ( .mov ) QuickTime movie ( .mov )
    Effect of light Rbeantest1a(938KB) Rbeantest1b(1763KB)
    Effect of gravity Gbeantest2a(632KB) Gbeantest2b(830KB)
    Change in leaves after germination Gbeantest3a(802KB) Gbeantest3b(1721KB)
    A collection of video clips for primary General Studies (P.1~3) (Internet version)
    Special Editors: Winnie SO and Vincent HUNG

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