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Dr. Diana Kwok was interviewed by The Hong Kong Free Press


According to Hong Kong Free Press, “almost 10 per cent of a government subsidy scheme for promoting the rights of sexual minorities since 2017 has gone to groups said to encourage sexual orientation change efforts, a practice condemned globally as dangerous and traumatic”. The Hong Kong Free Press article: ‘They said they could make me straight’: Hongkonger recalls ‘brainwashing’ by group with gov’t funding from ‘equality’ scheme” interviewed Dr. Diana Kwok (SEC), Approved Counselling Supervisor, Associate Professor, and Program Leader of the Master of Arts in Educational Counselling. Dr. Kwok told HKFP that the assumption of sexual orientation change efforts is wrong. The assumption behind the sexual orientation change effort is that non-heterosexuality needs to be cured. Non-heterosexuality does not need to be cured. It was concerned that the government would fund counselling practices that studies had shown cause self-stigma, internalized homophobia, and concerning mental health challenges.


Read article here: https://hongkongfp.com/2023/05/07/they-said-they-could-make-me-straight-hongkonger-recalls-brainwashing-by-group-with-funding-from-govt-equality-fund/

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