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FEHD Focused Knowledge Transfer Support Scheme 2020 – 2022 | Project Title: Fostering Teachers’ Skills to Support Students with Behavioral and Emotional Needs




School support for students with special education needs (SEN) has been a growing concern in Hong Kong. Due to the changes in teaching modes resulting from school suspension, teachers are presented with unprecedented difficulties to detect and address the learning needs of students.

In order to provide suitable resources and strategies for teachers who face these challenges, this project organized a series of school-based online workshops for education professionals, focusing on skills to deal with learning difficulties of children with behavioral or emotional needs (e.g. those with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or mental illness).


In-Service Teacher Workshop

  • To develop, implement and evaluate an online teaching development program to build up partnerships and learning circles with primary and secondary schools SEN support teams (SEN coordinators, SEN teachers, and SEN teaching assistants);
  • To provide support for primary and secondary school educators to analyze the needs of students with behavioral and emotional needs;


e-Learning Workshop

  • To increase educators’ efficacy in designing and implementing online lessons and contents that cater to specific needs.




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