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Career Counselling Development Series: “I am the author of my life story”, “Journey of a lifetime” and “Embrace my life, my story” by Ms. Wong Shuk Ping, Grace


Career Counselling Development Series: “I am the author of my life story”, “Journey of a lifetime” and “Embrace my life, my story” by Ms. Wong Shuk Ping, Grace

“Life Design Counselling” (LDC) is a career counselling approach which is developed based on the post-modern career construction theory.  With the companionship of the counsellors with young people in which their life stories are listened, the youths are empowered to narrate their stories, and to acknowledge their personal resources.  Thus, they become more confident and motivated to explore for pathways in their lives.

In the booklet of “I am the author of my life story: A self-discovery and meaning making adventure, 2019”, lived experiences of personal and professional growth of 12 counsellors-in-training are documented.  And a proposal on group career counselling is devised for reference for helping professionals.

Another resource pack, “Journey of a lifetime: Life design counselling resource manual and life-changing stories from helping professionals, 2020”, is comprised of a) a collection of experience sharing of 12 counsellors-in-training and 6 secondary school teachers, and b) career counselling resource “Passport of Life Adventure (Departure edition)” (Bilingual versions)” and “User Manual”.  The “Passport” and its “User Manual” are developed as user-friendly tools for helping professionals, including counsellors, social workers and school teachers, assisting them to provide individual career counselling.

This year, the booklet “Embrace my life, my story: Life design counselling group activity resources and sharing from helping professionals, 2021” continues to develop career counselling resources with LDC as core construction theory and apply them in community and schools. This booklet is a collection of the life stories, personal reflection, and professional development of 3 experienced counsellors, 6 counsellors-in-training and 1 secondary school teacher. In addition, the Career Exploration Team, which is composed of MAEC graduates, developed a set of career counselling group activity resource i.e., “Career Exploration Group Activity Design 26” for helping professionals and youths to use in group activities.

Please fill out a feedback questionnaire after reading the booklet(s) and provide your comments or feedback for our reference and future development.

Electronic versions are free for download:









To collect a hardcopy or enquire for further details, please contact Ms. Grace Wong, the Principal Investigator (gspwong@eduhk.hk; 2948 8562).

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