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Mind and Study Matter Hackathon


Led by Dr Kean Poon, the first public event, Mind and Study Matter Hackathon was successfully held on 3 April 2021. Over 80 university students have been appointed as mental health ambassadors, aiming to promote the importance of mental health to all local universities.

During the hackathon, several groups were formed to brainstorm a design for this mental health promotion campaign. Their ideas were then presented to the panel members and three teams became the eventual winners; their proposals will be further developed and implemented in all local universities.

The “Mind and Study Matter” project aims to provide quality tutoring-cum-counselling services for low SES students with confirmed or suspected mental illness, as well as promote mental health awareness for secondary school and university students. “Through the hackathon, I hope these participants can apply the knowledge and experience gained from their study to inform the public on how to promote mental health effectively. It is believed that the effects could allow them to take the lead in promoting mental health”, Dr Poon said.

Below is the video highlights.

Click here to view the article (Chinese only).

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