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Suggestions for SEN students during school suspension


The sudden suspension of schooling may make children with Special Education Needs have trouble to adjust. Here are some useful resources from different local service sectors that we can provide for them to better adapt:

My social story: what is school suspension? 


My social story: Mask 



Rhymes-Clean Your Hands


The team of physiotherapists from Heep Hong Society has designed "Wisdom and Wisdom". For children with severe developmental delays or obstacles, there are 2 episodes in total, and there are 20 mini games to play. 



"Little soldier of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing" Mobile App

Features and content

Interactive story games

The user will be transformed into a "Little Soldier", and they will brave 3 islands, namely: Music Farm, Sea World and Fruit Paradise, with a total of 11 eleven areas and more than 600 games. Their speech memory, text recognition, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception capabilities will be trained.



Multimedia and Multisensory Learning

The app contains a total of 600 interactive games of different levels, allowing you to easily master the basics of basic language learning. There are also videos such as "experts say ", "story gas stations" and "stroke gymnastics" to explain Chinese language knowledge and fun learning tips in simple ways.

遊戲:毛毛演奏廳 遊戲:章魚寫寫看
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