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SEC launches an online counselling service to help Hong Kong Schools and Community during the epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus.


The Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC) has launched an online life design counselling service to help the Hong Kong schools and community during the epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus since March 2020. 

This online community counselling project titled “ Writing My Life Story in an Epidemic: Online Video Counselling Service (School/Community Project)” aims to (a) empower the participants to tell their life stories and enhance their self-reflection ability, (b) enable them to recognize their unique life resources, and (c) further explore and put into action their own life direction under the current uncertainty and/or for the future prospects. In spite of the limitation incurred by the current epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus, SEC is prepared to achieve these objectives through the provision of online counselling service to schools and community.

This Community Project targets to help the youth aged between 15 to 25 years (including students from Form 3 of secondary school to undergraduates of tertiary education, and employed or unemployed persons) during the class suspension period announced by the Education Bureau. Referrals from schools / institutions / professional groups are required and services are free of charge.


The participating counsellors are the current students of the Master of Arts in Educational Counselling [MA(EC)] Program of SEC, who have undergone thorough professional training of life design counselling. To assure the quality of counselling, each counsellor-in-training is individually supervised by a practicum supervisor appointed by SEC, and is guided in accordance with the professional code of counselling. 

Head of SEC Professor Hue Ming Tak said,“This online career counselling service to the schools and community will definitely enrich the self-discovery and meaning making experience for the youth at this imminent moment along their life development. That will be a life-long benefit to them.”

Programme Leader of MA(EC) Dr. Pat Fung and Practicum Coordinator Ms. Grace Wong said, “We are glad that we can withstand the current challenge of the epidemic of Novel Coronavirus by launching this online career counselling service to students and young people in the community.”

Interested parties are welcome to participate in this online counselling service. The content of all counselling interviews will be treated confidentially. In order to achieve a best match-up of participants and suitable counsellors and ensure smooth operation in the provision of the counselling service, interested participants and parents (for participants aged below 18) please complete and submit an online registration form (https://anonmachg2.eduhk.hk/machform/view.php?id=29682768). When the completed registration form is received, the Programme will make further arrangements and will inform the successful participants by email or phone.

Please contact Ms Hei Chau, Executive Assistant of SEC, by phone 2948 8611 or by email thchau@eduhk.hk for enquiries.

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