Student Feedback

The University values student feedback, and actively solicits student views with the aim of improving the delivery of its programmes and courses. There are numerous channels for collecting feedback from students, including annual programme evaluations, Student Evaluation of Teaching, Staff-Student Consultative Meetings, student representation on committees and focus group meetings. Programmes and course-offering departments consider student feedback and propose follow-up actions as necessary. All student feedback and follow-up actions are recorded using a standard procedure, and the corresponding improvement plans are documented in the annual programme report and considered by the Faculty Board or Board of Graduate Studies, as appropriate.

Finally, it is necessary to close the feedback loop by informing students of the feedback outcomes and the corresponding improvements made to the programmes and courses. Channels for the dissemination of student feedback outcomes and follow-up actions include: (i) reporting at the meetings of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee and sending relevant minutes or follow-up actions to students of the programme by email, and (ii) announcement at the Programme Assembly. A flowchart showing the programme-student feedback loop is given below.

Figure 2 – Programme-Student Feedback Loop