Committee Structure Governing Quality

Assurance Mechanisms and Procedures

The Academic Board (AB) is the chief academic forum of the University. Its main functions are to formulate academic policies and oversee all academic matters of the University. The AB forms the apex of the quality assurance (QA) structure; various committees under the AB assure the quality of individual programmes and monitor and direct the programme development process, from the planning stage to implementation and review.

  • Academic Planning and Development Committee (APDC) considers and approves planning proposals for new programmes from the Faculty Boards for Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), undergraduate and sub-degree programmes.
  • Board of Graduate Studies (BGS)
  • formulates and reviews the policies, guidelines and regulations of postgraduate programmes (excluding PGDE);
  • oversees and monitors the quality of research postgraduate programmes, and
  • considers and approves planning proposals for new postgraduate programmes (excluding PGDE).
  • Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (LTQC)
  • oversees and monitors the implementation of the University’s academic QA and quality enhancement (QE) policies and mechanisms, and
  • advises the AB on the formulation of relevant policies at the University level.
  • Faculty Boards (FBs) / Academic Committee (AC)
  • oversee and monitor the quality of the postgraduate, undergraduate and sub-degree programmes offered by the Faculties and Academies, and
  • make recommendations to the APDC and BGS on planning approval.

Figure 1 provides a flowchart showing an overview of the University’s committee structure pertinent to QA and QE activities and the lines of reporting and communication.

Figure 1 – An Overview of EdUHK’s Committee Structure and Flowchart pertinent to QA and QE activities