Promoting a Culture of Quality

The University recognises the importance of nurturing a culture of quality among staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning. In addition to the mechanisms, policies and procedures for programmes and courses that promote ongoing improvement, the University also encourages the sharing of good practice and innovation in teaching among staff. Examples of the platforms for sharing these initiatives and activities include:

  • Learning and Teaching Newsletters, which focus on a special theme of learning and teaching in each issue to share the latest developments and good practices. Deliverables of teaching development and research projects are also included to promote innovation and excellence in teaching.
  • Website on learning and teaching initiatives, which holds a database and information about the University’s Teaching Development Grants and Communities of Practice projects funded by the University Grants Committee for the dissemination of research outcomes.
  • Learning and Teaching Festivals, which are conducted periodically to promote and share best practices in selected areas of learning and teaching.