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Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Research Areas


Research Interests of Individual Staff

Dr. Bai Shurui Tiffany, Assistant Professor
Technology-enhanced learning, gamification, and intrinsic motivation to learn

Dr. Chan Tse Tin David, Assistant Professor
Wireless Communications and Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Age of Information (AoI), Machine Learning for Communications

Dr. Chan Wing Sum, Senior Lecturer II
Math education and explore various manipulatives for teaching enhancement

Dr. Cheng Hiu Fai, Senior Lecturer II
Mathematics: Number Theory; Mathematics Education: STEM education and e-Learning in Mathematics

Dr. Cheng Kwok Shing Gary, Associate Professor
Information Technology Supported L2 Learning, ePortfolio-mediated Learning, Computer Programming Education, Online Learning Management System, e-Assessment, and Learning Analytics

Dr. Cheung Ho Yin Haoran, Lecturer I
Maker education; coding education; computational thinking in STEM education; active learning and flipped classroom as supported by AI and educational technologies

Dr. Cheung Ka Luen, Senior Lecturer I
Maker education; coding

Dr. Chiu Mei Choi, Associate Professor
Application of stochastic optimal control, stochastic processes and probability theory to Mathematical Finance and Operational Research

Mr. Chui Hin Leung, Lecturer I
Design and technology in education, digital art in education, STEM / STEAM project-based learning in practice

Dr. Fu Hong, Assistant Professor
Computer vision algorithms, artificial intelligence in healthcare and education, Eye tracking and motion detection

Ms. Heung Yuk Mui Elly, Lecturer II
Technology-enhanced learning, Innovative pedagogical designs, Gamification, Computational thinking

Dr. Ho Kwok Pun Victor, Assistant Professor
Harmonic Analysis. Function spaces, Wavelets

Professor Kong Siu Cheung, Research Chair Professor
AI, metaverse and quantum literacy education; computational thinking, STEM and mathematics education; pedagogy in digital classroom, teacher development and policy in digital education

Dr. Lai Yiu Chi, Associate Professor of Teaching
Curriculum and Teaching methods of ICT, Classroom based Research, Assessment for Learning, Coding Education

Mr. Lee Yat Fai, Lecturer I
Problem-solving in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, History of Mathematics

Dr. Li Wenjuan, Assistant Professor
Network management and security, intrusion detection, trust management, web technology, blockchain and IoT/AI security

Dr. Li Xin Stephen, Research Assistant Professor
Data Science and Business Analytics, Mathematics Modeling and Optimization, Computing and Intelligent Algorithms, Machine Learning for Combinatorial Optimization

Dr. Ling Man Ho Alpha, Acting Head & Associate Professor
Lifetime data analysis in reliability & survival studies, Degradation data analysis, Statistical inference under censoring, Statistical computing

Dr. Lo Chung Kwan, Assistant Professor
Research project, Research and development of dynamic learning resources, Flipped learning, Technology-enhanced learning, Learning analytics

Mr. Mau Yuk Lun, Lecturer II
Augmented Reality, AR, pedagogy, Numicon

Dr. Poon Kin Keung Eric, Assistant Professor
Problem solving in primary and secondary mathematics, technology in mathematics education, complex dynamics and discrete mathematics

Dr. Manpreet Singh, Lecturer I
Technologies in STEM and AI Education, IT Support Learning Environment, Simulated platforms for inquiry/project-based learning in Physics and mathematics

Dr. So Chi Fuk Henry, Senior Lecturer I
IT in education, STEM education, Computer applications in health care, Digital health and health informatics, Simulation-based learning, Mobile learning, Signal processing, Adaptive filtering, Deep learning, Data analytics

Dr. Song Yanjie, Associate Professor
Design, development and implementation of applications with metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality technologies, and other artificial intelligence (AI) and educational technology (EdTech) in education; innovative pedagogy design; multimodal learning analytics; design-based research

Dr. Suen Chun Kit, Associate Head & Associate Professor
Existence theory and large-time behaviour of solutions of certain systems of partial differential equations, the multidimensional compressible or incompressible fluid flow models with applications to Navier-Stokes equations, magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), magneto-geostrophic (MG) equation, mathematical biology such as chemotaxis and blood flow modelling

Dr. Sun Daner, Associate Head & Assitant Professor
Learning Sciences (Design-Based Research, Design of Interactive Learning System), Computational Thinking Development, ICT-Supported Learning (Language, Science, STEM), Mobile Learning, ICT enabled Pedagogy, AI in education

Ms Xie Yishan Ellen, Lecturer II
STEM Education, ICT Education, Applied AI, Robotics

Dr. Yang Yin Nicole, Lecturer II
Technology-enhanced learning, Innovative pedagogical designs, Self-regulated learning, Second language acquisition, Computer assisted language learning, AI literacy

Dr. Yee Tat Leung Tony, Associate Head & Assistant Professor
Applied Analysis, Painleve Analysis, Singularity Analysis on Integrable Systems

Prof. Yu Leung Ho Philip, Professor
AI-assisted Language Learning, Preference Learning, Spatial and Temporal Modeling, Data Science and AI, Statistical and AI Education

Dr. Yuen Man Wai, Assistant Professor
Applied analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, specially involving blowup phenomena and similar solutions, and STEM Education

Dr. Zhang Qiaoping, Assistant Professor
Affects domains (including attitudes, beliefs, and values) in mathematics education, Curriculum reform and textbook analysis, Teacher’s knowledge and teacher education, Students’ problem solving, Cross-cultural comparison in mathematics education