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WeCycle - Sport and Vocational Training Program Consultancy & Research Project

Research Project

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This is a longitudinal project partnering with “Wecycle III”, an integrated sport intervention therapy, docent, vocational and volunteer training programme for past drug abusers, designed and run by Cheer Lutheran Centre, Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service. Apart from the use of traditional self-report questionnaires for intervention evaluation, this is the first project in Hong Kong which uses implicit psychological tasks combined with eye-tracking technique to assess the effectiveness of the intervention training programme in a more objective manner.

Research Method

Implicit psychological tasks have been used in researches on various addiction and mental problems, e.g. smoking, alcoholism, suicide. The current research project is applying similar research method on examining drug dependence in Hong Kong past drug abusers.

All cognitive tasks and questionnaires were programmed and presented using Inquisit Software (Millisecond Software LLC, Seattle, WA)

Equipment Tobii Pro X3-120 Portable Eye-tracker

Preliminary results were published in two academic conferences in Macau and Boston:

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