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Internet and Hypermedia Courseware
The World Wide Web (WWW) documents in the Internet have become a very popular channel of obtaining knowledge and information.  From an educator's  point of view, there are some major advantageous features of the WWW that can make it very special for educational usage. Examples include:
removal of the temporal and spatial constraint of classroom teaching. 
uncountable amount hypermedia materials freely available on the Internet for downloading and tailor-making. 
enabling the nonlinear mode of learning (through the extensive of hyperlinks) which resembles the association operation of human mind. 
cross-platform compatibility for different computer operating systems. 

anytime collaborative learning and experience sharing could be fostered by means of the discussion forum (or newsgroup) held on the Internet. 
allowing almost instant updating or revision of courseware materials.
plenty of user-friendly authoring tools freely available for creating and editing multimedia home-page materials.

At the Hong Kong Institute of Education, we have developed an interactive hypermedia courseware on "Introductory Digital Electronics" and made it available in the Internet ( for educating our (in-service and pre-service) student teachers in the Science subject by means of self-learning.   Very positive results have been obtained from the subsequent evaluation and the teaching and learning quality have been enhanced/improved.  Therefore, a large-scale project called "Hypermedia And Self-learning Centre" has been funded to develop more courseware in not only other Science topics but also topics in Computer and Mathematics for both junior secondary and primary school teachers.  
   Besides, the Science student-teachers at HKIEd are often encouraged/required to submit their science projects in form of the home-page format and are posted in the Intranet for Students section of the Hypermedia And Self-learning Centre.  You can learn within an hour on how to make use of the Netscape Communicator browser to write home-page yourself.  Click on the following hyperlink to start:
Using Netscape Composer to develop homepage
There are some useful references on the handy tools freely available for creating or editing home-page materials.

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