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Scientific visualisation of complex experimental or computer-generated data, models or specimens always involves the use of various kinds of 3D and virtual reality (VR) display technologies.  There are six types of them which can be easily shown on a multimedia computer and transmitted through the Internet and they are listed as follows:
3D Visualisation Through Shutter Glasses
Panoramic Scenes

A free creation tool called HotMedia is available from IBM.

3D Photo Objects
VRML Objects

A 3D modeller shareware for Windows 95/98/NT called AC3D is available from Andy Colebourne.

Anaglyph Images Through Red-Blue Glasses
Random Dot Stereograms

The key advantages of using 3D/VR technologies are that they could not only allow the learners look at the objects from different perspectives but also help to eliminate the learners' misconception or illusion arising from the projection of the real 3D objects onto flat 2D photos or drawing.

Some technologies can provide a sort of almost first-person experience to the learner by allowing the learner to manipulate the objects freely in the three-dimensional space.

Left photo: Demo by a Science student to Dr. Pang on the use of 3D Photo Objects to study the structure of flowers.

Some 3D and virtual reality technologies require the wearing of certain spectacles (e.g. LCD shutter glasses) for acquiring the real depth perception of the objects.  Right photo: Real-time recording of 3D video on a computer.
Some viewing methods may induce some sort of unpleasant feeling to the viewers after prolonged viewing. 

Left photo: Using red-blue filter glasses to view analgyph images.

Some typical software for creating the 3D/VR computer objects are shown below:

We have developed plenty samples of 3D/VR objects based on the aforementioned six types of technologies for educating the HKIEd students.  Click the button below to browse some samples on the Internet.

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