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Information Science and Related Technologies in Education
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Multimedia Educational Technology
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For effective multimedia teaching in classroom or laboratory, some major educational technology equipment are enlisted as follows:
a networked multimedia computer, preferrably equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard
a LCD video projector and a screen (or a large TV)
a visualiser
a VCR player
a head-mounted wireless microphone
a public address or hi-fi system
a laser pointer

The multimedia computer can serve for multi-purpose, including powerpoint lecture presentation, demonstration of computer-simulated experiments, showing multimedia materials from CD-ROM and from the Internet.  Wireless mouse, keyboard, microphone and laser pointer make the teacher more freely to interact with the students anywhere in the classroom or laboratory. 

The LCD video projector (or TV) can make large enough display of the text, graphic or video output from a computer screen, a visualizer or a VCR player. The most important criteria for selecting LCD projector are the brightness and resolution.  In normal classroom environment, 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and XGA (800 x 600 pixels) resolution are the minimal requirements. For ceiling mounting, extra installation cost is needed. ceiling-mounted LCD projector
A visualiser can be used to magnify small specimen, models and equipment readings and to replace an overhead projector in dispalying colored photos or drawings from printed reference materials. Visualiser Visualiser output to a TV
teachdem.jpg (21660 bytes) Teaching demo: use of a ceiling-mounted LCD projector (left) and a portable LCD projector (right) for teaching in a laboratory.
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