​​​​​​​Faculty Newsletter ​​​​​​​June 2015

Excellence in Teaching Awards 2013/14 Interview with the Programme Leader-Designate of the new Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) Programme Trend for Future Language Learning: Mobile Learning in Community of Practice Humanities 通訊 Newsletter Faculty of 2015年6月.June 2015 Issue 3 第3期

Message from the Dean 3 Faculty Spotlights Excellence in Teaching Awards 2013/14 4 2013至2014年度卓越教學獎 Interview with the Programme Leader-Designate of the new 5 Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) Programme Trend for Future Language Learning: Mobile Learning in Community of Practice 6 Department & Centre Highlights Department of Chinese Language Studies 8 中國語言學系 Department of English Language Education 10 英語教育學系 Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies 12 語言學及現代語言系 Department of Literature and Cultural Studies 14 文學及文化學系 Centre for Language in Education 16 語文教育中心 Research Centre for Chinese Literature & Literary Culture 18 中國文學文化研究中心 Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities 19 流行文化與人文學研究中心 Faculty News The 6th Fong Yun Wah Distinguished Lecture Series held by the Faculty of Humanities 20 人文學院第六屆方潤華講座 Dr. Yip Cheuk Wai’s Published Work selected as One of the Best 100 Teen Reads in 2014 21 葉倬瑋博士著作獲選為2014年向全國青少年推薦百種優秀圖書之一 Dr. Chan Chi-tak named Artist of the Year (Arts Criticism) at 2014 Hong Kong Arts 21 Development Awards 陳智德博士榮獲年度藝術家獎(2014) General Research Fund & Early Career Scheme 2014/15 22 New Staff Profiles 23 Student Activities Xinchuan Literary Club Activities 24 「薪傳文社」活動 Faculty of Humanities Students obtained “The Second Hong Kong Outstanding 24 Prospective Teachers Award” The Fifth East-Asian Graduate Forum on Teaching Chinese as an International Language 25 第五屆東亞漢語教學研究生論壇 The Age of Poetry, Cantabile Institute - Master of Arts in Chinese Studies 26 (Language Education) Programme Graduate Recitation 「詩意年華、如歌教院」─ 中文研究文學碩士(語文教育)課程2015畢業朗誦會 Second Major 27 Our Programmes 28 Editorial Committee Advisor Professor Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard 陳國球教授 Dean Editor Professor Yu Kwan Wai, Eric 余君偉教授 Associate Dean (Research & Postgraduate Studies) Editorial Board Dr. Jeffrey Clapp Lecturer (LCS) Ms. Ip Tsui Shan, Sammy 葉翠珊女士 Language Instructor (CLE) Ms. Wang Chanjuan 王嬋娟女士 Teaching Fellow (CHL) Dr. Grégoire Winterstein Lecturer (LML) Dr. Yu Baohua 喻寶華博士 Lecturer (ELE) Executive Editor Mr. K. T. Au Yeung 歐陽景泰先生 Executive Assistant (FHM) Contact Information Faculty of Humanities The Hong Kong Institute of Education No.10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong Tel.: 2948 7237 Email: fhm@ied.edu.hk Website: www.ied.edu.hk/fhm Contents 目錄

3 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Message from the Dean Turning Challenges into Opportunities Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Faculty of Humanities’ Newsletter. In line with the Institute’s strategic development into a multidisciplinary university, the Faculty of Humanities (FHM) has overcome huge challenges to go through a long way from the Faculty’s restructuring, the revalidation of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies to the Programme Area Accreditation in Chinese Studies and English Studies until we have reached the final step for the university title recently. On 9 and 10 February 2015, the University Grants Committee (UGC) Review Group Panel conducted a visit to HKIEd to review the Institute’s application for the university title. The Review Group is now working on its Report to be presented to UGC around September 2015, for the latter’s submission to the Education Bureau’s consideration and recommendation to the Executive Council for approval. Although the final outcome is yet to be known, I do trust that with our rigorous preparation and proven capability, we have together demonstrated to the Panel our strengths and quality in developing into a multidisciplinary university. As part of our efforts contributing to this mission, the Faculty has been designing new programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, such as the new 5-year Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) (BEd (HIST)) which is an Institutewide initiative to offer a greater variety of choices to potential students interested in subjects across the broad fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences. An interview with Dr. Barry Crosbie, the Programme Leader-Designate of the new BEd(HIST) will give you more insights about the objectives and unique features of this brand new programme which will be launched in 2015/16 academic year. Taking this opportunity, I also wish to congratulate a number of Faculty members who have been highly recognised for their excellent achievements in teaching and research. First of all, let me congratulate Dr. Chan Chi-tak (LCS) who was named Artist of the Year (Arts Criticism) at the 2014 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in April 2015. In addition, Dr. Yip Cheuk Wai’s (LCS) book titled “Emotion is What Matters: Chinese Literature” was selected as one of the best 100 Teen Reads (thoughts and morals, humanities and history) in 2014 by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China. In the 2013/14 Teaching Awards Scheme, we were very pleased to honour Dr. Man Ying Ling (CHL), the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award; and Dr. Chuk Yim Ping (LML) and Ms. Blanche Chu (CLE) who were both awarded the Certificate of Merit. In the latest 2015 World University Rankings released by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in April 2015, HKIEd has a quantum leap in its position in the area of Education – from 51-100 last year to the 15th in the world and 3rd in Asia this year. Our Linguistics, albeit a newly introduced discipline, is also within the 101-150 world group. This is very encouraging which has proven again our excellence in teaching and research in relevant disciplines with international standard. Being the youngest Faculty in the Institute, FHM sees the opportunity for growth and future development. Over the past years, we have been taking a big step to build upon our pre-existing strengths to focus on high quality programme offerings and research initiatives, thanks to a group of dedicated academic/teaching staff members and administrative colleagues. With all our concerted efforts, I am sure that we will continue to take on all the challenges ahead and to make our contribution to Hong Kong and beyond, with our long-established strengths in teacher education and humanities disciplines complementary to education. Professor Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard Dean, Faculty of Humanities 香港教育學院(教院)致力發展成為一所以教育 為本、建設多元學科的大學。為了配合教院的 發展策略,人文學院展開了一系列的工作,從 學院重組、語文研究榮譽文學士的課程覆審, 以至中文研究及英文研究學科範圍評審,直至 最近教院完成了大學正名的最後一步,人文學 院克服了重重的挑戰,取得了顯著的成績。大 學教育資助委員會(教資會)於2015年2月9至 10日到訪教院,就教院正名申請進行實地考 察。檢討小組現正撰寫報告,並將於2015年 9月完成及送呈教資會。屆時,教資會將向教育 局提交相關報告,再由教育局決定是否向行政 會議作出推薦及通過。最終結果有待確定,然 而,我深信同寅已經充分地向檢討小組展示了 學院的實力及素質,足以發展成為一所多元學 科的大學。 人文學院秉承一貫的使命,積極籌辦嶄新的學 士及碩士課程,如即將於2015/16年度開辦五年 制歷史教育榮譽學士。此課程是根據校方的倡 議而籌劃,期望為學生提供更多人文學科及社 會科學相關課程的選擇。候任課程主任Dr. Barry Crosbie將會在專訪中闡述課程的目標和特色。 我亦藉此機會衷心祝賀幾位在教學及研究方面 表現卓越的教學同工。首先,文學及文化學系 陳智德博士剛於2015年4月榮獲香港藝術發展 局頒發「2014香港藝術發展獎」的「年度藝術家 獎」(藝術評論);同系的葉倬瑋博士的著作《情 意流轉─中國文學》亦獲中國國家新聞出版社廣 電總局選為2014年向全國青少年推薦百種優秀 圖書(思想作品、人文歷史類)之一。此外,中 國語言學系文英玲博士在2013/14年度獲得卓越 教學獎,而語言學及現代語言系祝艷萍博士及 語文教育中心朱穎琪女士亦分別獲得表揚狀。 在2015年4月公布的Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 2015世界大學排名榜上,教院在教育領域中 的排名由去年的第51-100位,大幅躍升至全球 第15位,在亞洲更名列第三。同樣令人感到鼓 舞的是在語言學方面的排名,雖然我們在相關 領域發展時間相對較短,排名也能佔據全球首 101-150位,足以印證我們在教研方面的能力, 達至國際水平。 人文學院成立雖短,但這也正正是我們的機 遇。在同仁携手協力下,人文學院憑藉既有的 學術基礎,不斷優化課程,建立更多學科及提 升研究質量,在過去幾年取得了超卓的成績。 繼往開來,我們秉持教研相長的宗旨,迎向挑 戰,致力推動人文學科以及相關的教師培育, 共同為本港以至其他地區的教育與學術發展作 出貢獻。 人文學院院長 陳國球教授 把握機遇,共迎挑戰

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 4 Through the 2013/14 Teaching Awards Scheme, the Faculty of Humanities has honoured three outstanding teachers, including Dr. Man Ying Ling from the Department of Chinese Language Studies, Dr. Chuk Yim Ping, Joanne from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies and Ms. Chu Wing Ki, Blanche from the Centre for Language in Education. A fruitful and enjoyable sharing session on “Student, Teacher and Classroom” was given by the awardees on 6 March 2015. Dr. Man Ying Ling, the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, is a specialist in Daoism and Chinese culture. Her dedication to student learning and the development of motivational learning activities are highly appreciated by her students. Dr. Man provides authentic learning experiences for her students by organising cultural field trips. Dr. Man’s students are encouraged to engage in regular self-reflection on what they have learnt. Dr. Man is also highly recognised of her capability to connect student’s learning to real life. Besides, Dr. Man is also a lifelong learner who enthusiastically participates in teaching enhancement activities and makes use of feedback from students and peers to improve her own teaching. Dr. Chuk Yim Ping, Joanne, the recipient of the Certificate of Merit, has exhibited a great passion for teaching, enthusiastically taking up the challenge of teaching new courses. Dr. Chuk is held in high esteem by her students as a creative teacher who always uses interesting and effective teaching strategies, which help establish a good learning atmosphere in the classroom and enhance knowledge transmission to students. Ms. Chu Wing Ki, Blanche, the recipient of the Certificate of Merit, has received impressive SET scores in the past two academic years, demonstrating her high level of teaching competence and effectiveness. Ms. Chu adopts various teaching methods to promote students’ learning and she always provides optimal and timely feedback to students. Ms. Chu’s innovative teaching integrates daily life examples and visual materials and successfully engages students in the learning process. In particular, her audio feedback to students helps them improve their writing effectively. Congratulations to Dr. Man, Dr. Chuk and Ms. Chu for their substantial contributions to the advancement of teaching and learning for our students and the Faculty of Humanities. 透過2013至2014年度卓越教學獎計劃,人文學院表揚了中國語言學系 的文英玲博士、語言學及現代語言系的祝艷萍博士及語文教育中心的 朱穎琪女士。得獎者於2015年3月6日舉辦了一場以「學生、老師及課 堂」為題的分享會。 卓越教學獎得獎者文英玲博士為道教及中華文化研究專家,她在教 學及提升學習動機活動上的付出,深受學生欣賞。透過舉辦實地文 化考察,文博士為學生提供真實的學習體驗,鼓勵學生參與定期反 思,對已學的內容作出反省。在激發學生思考方面,文博士引導學 生聯繫學習與現實生活,效果備受肯定。此外,文博士致力於終生 學習,熱衷於參與教學效能提升活動,善用學生及同儕的回饋,以 改善其教學表現。 表揚狀領受人祝艷萍博士具有濃厚的教學熱誠,敢於接受執教新科目 的挑戰。祝博士被學生視為極富創意的教師,其教學方法既有趣,又 有效,有助營造良好的課堂氣氛,提升對學生的知識傳遞效果。 另一位表揚狀領受人朱穎琪女士過往兩個學年所獲得的學生教學評分 均令人印像深刻,盡顯其卓越的教學技能及效度。朱女士既能採取多 樣的教學方法以促進學生學習,又能適時提供適切意見予學生,教學 敢於創新,融合現實生活例子及視象素材,成功引領學生投入學習。 她對學生的視像回應有效改善學生的寫作表現。 人文學院恭賀文英玲博士、祝艷萍博士及朱穎琪女士獲獎,並感謝她 們對學生和人文學院在教與學方面作出的重大貢獻。 Professor Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (middle) and Dr. Tong Ho Kin, Associate Dean (Quality Enhancement) (first right) were congratulating the Excellence in Teaching Awards recipients: Dr. Man Ying Ling (second right), Dr. Chuk Yim Ping, Joanne (first left) and Ms. Chu Wing Ki, Blanche (second left) before the sharing session. 人文學院院長陳國球教授(中)與副院長(學術質素提升)湯浩堅 博士(右一)於分享會前恭賀三位卓越教學獎得獎者:文英玲博士(右二)、 祝艷萍博士(左一)及朱穎琪女士(左二)。 Excellence in Teaching Awards 2013/14 2013至2014年度卓越教學獎

Faculty Spotlights 5 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Q: Editorial Board A: Dr. Barry Crosbie (Programme Leader-Designate of Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) Programme) Q: Why did the Institute decide to develop a Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) programme? A: The new 5-year Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) Programme - BEd(HIST) is part of a recent Institution-wide initiative to offer a greater variety of courses to students interested in subjects across the broad fields of the humanities and social sciences. As the Institute seeks to develop into a university renowned for quality teaching and research both within Hong Kong as well as internationally, it is vital to offer a wide variety of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Q: What does the Faculty hope to achieve by implementing new programmes such as the BEd(HIST) ? A: The central purpose of the new programme is to provide students with a solid grounding in the broad discipline of history so that they may become competent and effective teachers in secondary schools in Hong Kong. To this end, the programme is particularly attuned to the requirements of the secondary school curriculum and a focus on developing an awareness and understanding of this curriculum among our students is at the centre of much of our teaching. Further, the programme is designed in such a way that students will be trained in all aspects of history, from ancient times to the contemporary era, and across a broad geographical sweep that includes the history of Hong Kong and China, to Europe, the United States, Africa and the Middle East. Q: What sort of skills can students of the new BEd(HIST) expect to attain following the completion of their degrees? A: In addition to developing a broad and deep disciplinary knowledge of history, students can expect to develop key skills in critical thinking and problem solving. In striving to attain high levels of competency in each of these skills, students will develop excellent written and oral communication techniques. In training our students to be knowledgeable, analytically-minded, competent communicators, we are providing them with the required skills necessary to forge successful professional careers. Q: What are the key programme features? A: The programme emphasises the modern period, from the 15th century till today, and covers a large geographical area, ranging from Europe, China (including Hong Kong), Japan and Southeast Asia. The programme is also theory-oriented; students are expected to be familiar with influential ideas of history in the West and to study various competing theories that shape visions, frameworks and the approaches of historians. Last but not least, the strength of the programme lies in its comparative approach, as students studying the history of a particular region will be guided to look at the history of other parts of the world. Q: What are the opportunities for further education? A: Graduates may pursue postgraduate studies in Hong Kong and/or overseas, including Master of Education (History), Master of Philosophy in History, Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies), Master of Social Science in General Education, and Master in Comparative and Public History. Interview with the Programme Leader-Designate of the new Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) Programme

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 6 Trend for Future Language Learning: Mobile Learning in Community of Practice (CoP) Principal Investigators: Dr. Ma Qing (LML) and Dr. Wang Lixun (LML) The CoP Project “Fostering Mobile Learning Community” led by Dr. Ma Qing and Dr. Wang Lixun from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, funded by the University Grants Committee, has brought HKIEd the potential to take the leading role in promoting mobile learning in Hong Kong and beyond. The project aims to promote the use of mobile technologies in learning and teaching and to bind together individuals or small groups to form a community of mobile learning with the emphasis on language learning. Teachers and students across different higher education institutions in Hong Kong and overseas countries have joined the Mobile Learning Community (MLC), amounting to a total of 250 members. A dedicated open website (http://corpus.ied.edu.hk/mlc) has been established by the MLC to disseminate mobile learning/teaching resources for not just members but a wider, global audience. The statistics show that our website has been visited by audiences from four continents (Asia, Europe, North America and Africa) and attracted 1,000 visitors per month since its opening in August 2014. Teachers and students from different higher education institutions have contributed continuously fresh, first-hand and personalised information that are integrated into the content of the website. The website provides language learners of different ages (adolescents, university students, and adult learners) and various levels (from beginners to advanced) with rich learning resources, including websites, mobile apps, personalised learning stories, and videos showcasing how students make use of diverse apps that facilitate their language learning. In addition, the resources address different aspects of language learning such as speaking, writing, listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary. The website is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to browse and navigate easily the resources. More than a hundred app reviews were collected and peer-reviewed by university students with a focus on language and subject learning apps, which can be read and downloaded freely from the section “App Reviews”. The language learning apps reviewed include a variety of languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish. Apart from presenting a basic introduction to the app, a critical review is provided with clear information on both the strengths and weaknesses of the app. Information, such as language skills addressed, intended learner levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and suitable type of learners (kindergarten, primary, secondary or university), is also included. Student Mini Conference organised successfully on 16 January 2015 with more than 40 student participants from different majors attending.

Faculty Spotlights 7 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Posters featuring HKIEd students’ mobile learning stories are hosted on the Community’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook. com/hkiedmoblearn). Their classmates and friends are invited to comment and like the posters. The Mobile Learning Community members from left to right (Dr. Ma Qing, Prof. Lim Cher Ping, Dr. Chow Wai Kwan, Dr. Wang Lixun and Dr. Wong Ka Wai). Critical language learning app reviews contributed by students can be read online and downloaded freely. Numerous seminars and workshops, open to the public, have been held regularly, targeting teaching staff and students in order to continuously foster mobile learning across the community and equip our members with updated mobile learning information and innovative practices. Participants from within and outside the Institution have actively participated in the seminars and sharing. Training workshops provide colleagues with hands-on experience in using new learning management system platforms, i.e. Schoology and Edmodo and various educational apps. In addition, two annual mini student conferences on mobile learning were held in 2014 and 2015, attracting an impressive audience composed of both students and colleagues from different departments. Student presenters’ diverse and personalised mobile learning experience has inspired most of the student participants as shown in the overwhelmingly positive comments collected at the end of the conference. Our project team and our community members firmly believe that this CoP project provides an ideal platform for sharing information and transferring knowledge on mobile learning and, particularly, mobile language learning at the Institute and beyond. We will make sustained efforts to consolidate our community and maintain its vitality and prosperity in order to serve a wider community.

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 8 中國語言學系 Department of Chinese Language Studies 中國語言學系朱慶之教授與臺灣中央大學萬金川教授、北 京大學段晴教授合作設計的「漢譯佛經梵漢對比分析語料庫 建設及其漢語歷史語言學研究」 (Assessing the impact of Sanskrit on the Chinese language: Creating a database of Chinese Buddhist translations and their Sanskrit parallels to facilitate research in historical Chinese linguistics through contrastive analysis) 取得重要研究成 果,「漢譯佛經梵漢對比分析語料庫」現已公開使用,請瀏 覽 http://ckc.ied.edu.hk:8080/。 漢譯佛經梵漢對比分析語料庫」(A Database of Chinese Buddhist translation and their Sanskrit parallels for the Buddhist Chinese Studies) 是專門為佛教漢語研 究者設計的研究工具,包括兩方面的內容:第一、漢譯 佛經與現存平行梵語佛典的文本(段落)對照;第二、 漢譯詞語之平行梵語成分的語法和語義描寫和分析。 建立語料庫的目的在於方便佛教漢語的研究者了解譯文與 平行梵語之間可能存在的對應關係。目前語料庫收入的資 料包括《法華經》、《維摩詰經》和《俱舍論》。 學術研究是高水準教學工作的基礎」,中國語言學系鼓勵 每位教師在教學的同時,開展高水準的中國語文教育及/或 漢語語言學的研究工 作。為提升教學和研究 水平,學系邀請各地知 名語言學家、教育學者 到訪,與系內同事共同 研討,舉辦系列講座或 工作坊,向師生分享相 關領域的研究成果及最 新動向。 Database for the Buddhist Chinese Studies 漢譯佛經梵漢對比分析語料庫」 梁文德博士主講語文教育工作坊: Some Data on the Model-driven Treatment (ARA) of Primary Students Suffering from Development Dyslexia 詹伯慧教授主講語言學名家系列講座: 談談漢語方言與地域文化 黃居仁教授主講語言學名家系列講座: 試論漢語語法與知識本體

Department & Centre Highlights 9 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 學系講座活動一覽表 日期 講題 講者 16/5/2014 語文教育沙龍系列(十一):應屆畢業生面試策略與方法 ─ 以語文教育為例 何文勝博士 21/6/2014 中國及國際華語文的教育研究發展趨勢與學術研究學刊的創刊」圓桌會議 海內外專家學者 26/9/2014 談談漢語方言與地域文化 詹伯慧教授 暨南大學教授、漢語方言研究中心 名譽主任) 28/10/2014 語文教育沙龍系列(十二):在語文教育研究的路道上奔馳 何文勝博士 29/10/2014 語文教育沙龍系列(十三):課改下的語文教學的要求與策略 ─ 兼談中國語文科實習事宜 何文勝博士 6/11/2015 數碼中文課堂巡禮:實踐與反思」教學分享會 中國語言學系教師 28/11/2014 2014-2015年度香港教育學院中國語言學系語文教育學術討論會 中國語言學系教師 30/12/2014 第四屆「語文教育與思想文化」學術研討會 兩岸三地學者 10/2/2015 語文教育工作坊(一):Some Data on the Model-driven Treatment (ARA) of Primary Students Suffering from Development Dyslexia 梁文德博士 香港理工大學人文學院中文及雙語學 系副教授) 3/2015 語文教育工作坊(二):提升語文教師課堂語言的策略 馮祿德先生(資深語文教育工作者) 23/4/2015 試論漢語語法與知識本體 黃居仁教授(香港理工大學人文學院 院長、中文及雙語學系講座教授) 8/5/2015 第五屆東亞漢語教學研究生論壇 東亞地區漢語教學專家學者、 研究生 9/5/2015 漢語作為第二語言教學研討會 東亞地區漢語教學專家學者、 中國語言學系教師 6/2015 與北京師範大學合辦語文教育國際學術研討會 兩岸三地學者 有關中國語言學系的資料,請瀏覽http://www.ied.edu.hk/chl。 數碼中文課堂教學分享會 語文教育沙龍系列

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 10 英語教育學系 Department of English Language Education Public Lecture Series Funded by a knowledge-transfer award, the Department of English Language Education has run the Public Lecture Series (PLS) for three years. The primary aim of this series is to provide participants with a taste of some of the other aspects of language learning that are seldom taught in school. The PLS held in the last two years attracted 798 participants in 2013 and 745 participants in 2014. This year, we are pleased to have Professor David Coniam from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Matt DeCoursey from the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, Dr. Wang Lixun from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Dr. Paul Stapleton and Dr. Timothy Taylor from the Department of English Language Education to present you with their insights on different aspects of the English language. Date Topic Speaker 11/4/2015 Eat Your Lunch Slowly – Cultural Pattern of Communication and Language Misuses Dr. Paul Stapleton 18/4/2015 A bit of Funology – Phonological Issues at the Level of the Sentence Prof. David Coniam 25/4/2015 Expressiveness in Language Learning Dr. Matthew DeCoursey 2/5/2015 Corpus and English Studies Dr. Wang Lixun 9/5/2015 Contradictions and Controversies in How to Learn English Dr. Timothy Taylor Addressing Teachers’ Professional Development Needs English Language Education Saturday Seminar Series Each fall, the Department of English Language Education presents a series of Saturday seminars for English and subject teachers of both primary and secondary schools. These seminars aim to enhance teachers’ professional development in areas related to language learning, strategies of using English as a medium of instruction, development beyond the new secondary school curriculum and strategies to cater for learner diversity. The seminars also provide a channel for the department to introduce different professional development programmes (PDPs) to teachers. These three-hour seminars held on Saturday mornings at the HKIEd Tai Po Campus were well attended, attracting 722 teachers; postseminar comments were positive. The following is a summary of the seminars offered: Date Topic Speaker 8/11/2014 Ways of Teaching Reading Dr. Ruth Wong 22/11/2014 Ways of Teaching Grammar Dr. Timothy Taylor 29/11/2014 Ways of Teaching Listening Dr. John Trent 6/12/2014 Ways of Teaching Speaking Ms. Jessica Lee 13/12/2014 Ways of Teaching Writing Dr. Stella Kong

Department & Centre Highlights 11 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Best Approach for ESL Instruction: Comprehension vs Skill Building by Professor Stephen Krashen It was our honour to host Professor Stephen Krashen, a renowned expert in second language acquisition, to give a talk on 13 October 2014. The talk attracted 168 participants including colleagues and students at HKIEd, and friends and teachers from outside. Two opposing hypotheses for ESL instruction were introduced: Comprehension vs Skill Building. Participants learned the most effective (and pleasant) approaches to teaching English as a second language to children. Practical tips, the latest research and best practice case studies in the US, China and Taiwan were shared. For more information about ELE, please visit http:// www.ied.edu.hk/ele.

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 12 語言學及現代語言系 Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies Invited Seminar by Prof. Chen Hao-Jan, Howard Message from the Head The Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies (LML) was established in 2012 upon the restructuring of the Faculty of Languages, now re-titled the Faculty of Humanities. LML aspires to seek knowledge for advancing our understanding of the triangulated relation among language, mind and society. Because of the progress in information technology, human communications have been changing drastically. Now we often found ourselves communicating via multimedia devices that allow multilingual switching. Records of communication can be stored and transmitted instantly with very little limitations. The impacts of these changes to human language system, its learning and its use have not yet been duly gauged. LML, the youngest linguistics department in Hong Kong, will make its best effort in this exciting and challenging scientific inquiry. With the above undertakings, we also anticipate synergies between general linguistics and applied linguistics in the curriculum development of language education and language studies, which will further contribute to the growth of the Faculty of Humanities. Professor Cheung Hin Tat(張顯達教授 Head, Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies This semester, Dr. Lai Yee King, Regine(黎爾敬博士)and Dr. Grégoire Winterstein joined the department as new lecturers. Regine is an expert in phonetics and phonology. She studies the acquisition of artificial languages to shed light on the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Grégoire is specialised in formal semantics and pragmatics. He uses probabilistic modelling paired with experimental and computational methods to study natural language interpretation and the way we use language for argumentation. Both will contribute to new areas of research in the department and use their skills to further enhance the teaching provided by LML. This year, two of our colleagues successfully applied for Knowledge Transfer projects. Dr. Chin Chi-on, Andy will be conducting a project named “A Digital Language Museum on Cantonese” and Dr. Jackie Lee will be working on “Grammar Teaching Resources for School Teachers”. Both these projects are emblematic of the will of the department to make the product of our academic work accessible to other professionals as well as to the greater public. This summer will mark the opening of the first course of Korean, which is the third language being taught at the Institute after Japanese and French. The demand for modern languages teaching is high among students, and we keep on working on improving and promoting the classes offered at the Institute. A notable event in this regard was the Language Fun Fair, co-organised in March by LML and the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre. There, students and staff were introduced to cultural aspects of Japan, Korea and France and had the chance to try their hand at introductory language classes.

13 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Department & Centre Highlights Besides those teaching activities, the department also offers a thriving and supportive research environment and stimulating atmosphere to exchange scholarly ideas, with conferences and seminars being organised on a regular basis. This past year was quite productive with ten seminars and sharing sessions organised since August 2014. Four were given by our colleagues (Dr. Rebecca Chen, Professor Cheung Hin Tat, Professor David Li, Dr. Wang Lixun, Dr. Xie Qin, Dr. Regine Lai and Dr. Grégoire Winterstein) and six were given by academics from other institutions: Dr. Hsu Ching-Fen from the Huafan University of Taiwan, Professor Chen Hao-Jan, Howard from the National Taiwan Normal University, Professor Stephen Matthews of the University of Hong Kong and Dr. Yurie Hara from the City University of Hong Kong. The topics covered ranged over a wide array of subjects: psycholinguistics, language education, the use of modern technologies for language learning as well as formal pragmatics and translation studies. These events have been invaluable occasions to share works with colleagues and receive precious feedback and comments. Finally, we encourage readers to contact us for any suggestion or matter related to the department. We hope everyone has an enjoyable summer. Academic Activities Date Seminar Title Speaker 26/8/2014 LML Research Projects Sharing Dr. Rebecca Chen Professor Cheung Hin Tat Professor David Li Dr. Wang Lixun Dr. Xie Qin 10/11/2014 Central Coherence in People with Williams Syndrome: Evidence from Verbal and Nonverbal Domains in Behavioral and Brain Levels Dr. Hsu Ching-Fen (Huafan University of Taiwan) 19/11/2014 Variations on Bayesian Approaches to Argumentation Dr. Grégoire Winterstein 28/11/2014 Domain Specificity in Learning Phonology Dr. Lai Yee King, Regine 10/12/2014 Beyond Myths of Invisibility: the Journey to Translators’ Job-related Happiness Dr. Liu Fung Ming, Christy 13/1/2015 華語語料庫在第二語教學上的應用 陳浩然教授 國立臺灣師範大學) 14/1/2015 Trends in Computer-assisted Language Learning Professor Chen Hao-Jan, Howard (National Taiwan Normal University) 15/1/2015 臺灣華語教學的最新動態 陳浩然教授 國立臺灣師範大學) 13/2/2015 Transfer and Anti-transfer in third Language Acquisition Professor Stephen Matthews (The University of Hong Kong) 18/3/2015 Semantics of Cantonese Questions and Unconditionals- A Suppositional Inquisitive Approach Dr. Yurie Hara (City University of Hong Kong) Dr. Grégoire Winterstein received his BA in linguistics from Université de Rouen and MA from Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7. Dr. Winterstein was awarded his PhD in formal linguistics from Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 for his dissertation on the probabilistic dimension of argumentative markers in discourse. His research interests mainly lie in formal semantics and pragmatics. His chief topic of study deals with the notion of argumentation and the way some linguistic items and structures affect how arguments are interpreted and evaluated. He is especially interested in Bayesian models of human cognition and the way they can be applied to natural language interpretation. Regine received her BA and MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Hong Kong. She completed her PhD study in the University of Delaware and went on to the University of Maryland for her post-doctoral training. Her research mainly addresses how humans learn their first language by examining through the artificial language learning paradigm to investigate whether there are specific, unconscious learning strategies employed by humans for sound patterns in language that are distinct from other general cognitive learning mechanisms. For more information about LML, please visit http://www.ied.edu.hk/lml. New Staff

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 14 文學及文化學系 Department of Literature and Cultural Studies Message from the Head LCS is a diverse and vibrant academic unit actively contributing to the teaching and research of the institute, and we now have 30 academic and teaching staff in the Department. The primary missions of the Department are to advance knowledge in the areas of 1) traditional Chinese literature and culture; 2) modern and contemporary Sinophone literature and culture; 3) Anglophone literature and cultural studies; and 4) modern Chinese and world history and to develop related course offerings at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of the fields that have already been fruitfully developed include traditional Chinese literary criticism, classical Chinese literature, Chinese cultural and intellectual history, children’s literature, Hong Kong literature, new English literatures, and film studies. To complement these expanding areas, as well as to emphasise the intercultural and interdisciplinary nature of our approach to teaching and research, this year we have recruited academic staff specialising in cultural studies and history. In the year 2015/16, the Department will launch Hong Kong’s first ever Bachelor of Education programme in History. Alongside the development of new programmes, the Department is also dedicated to promoting creative writing and the use of literature in language teaching. With the collaboration of its seasoned academic and research staff and the contribution of new recruits, the Department is actively exploring promising new fields of studies and novel pedagogical practices. Professor Yu Kwan Wai, Eric(余君偉教授 Head, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies Academic Activities Date Topic Speaker/Organiser 31/3/2014 The 3rd Graduate Conference on Chinese Education and Culture 第三屆研究生論壇「語文教育與思想文化」學術研討會 Jointly organised by the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies and the Department of Chinese Language Studies at HKIEd, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at the National Pingtung University of Education, and the College of Education at the Capital Normal University 香港教育學院文學及文化學系、中國語言學系、屏東教育大學中 文系暨首都師範大學教育學院合辦 23/4/2014 LCS Lecture Series: “The Aesthetic as Intrinsic Motivation: Teachers’ Use of Drama For Language Education” Dr. Matthew William DeCoursey 26/4/2014 Hong Kong Village Tour 圍村之旅 Dr. Hau Lai Ying(侯勵英博士) 14/5/2014 LCS Lecture Series: “Translating J.M. Synge’s The Playboy of the Western World” Dr. Chang Tsung Chi, Hawk(張崇旂博士) 16-17/5/2014 The 6th International Conference on the Communication and Reception of Literature 第六屆文學傳播與接受國際學術研討會 Organised by the Department of Sinophone Literatures, National Dong Hwa University; co-organised by the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies 國立東華大學華文文學系主辦,文學及文化學系合辦 8/8/2014 Reading Club Meeting in Hong Kong Literature: “Reading Wong Leung Wo’s Novels” 香港文學讀書會:「閱讀王良和小說〈魚咒〉及〈蟑螂變〉」 Dr. Wong Leung Wo(王良和博士)and Mr. Cheng Ching-hang, Matthew (Lingnan University)(鄭政恆 先生 嶺南大學)) 23/9/2014 LCS Visiting Scholar Lecture Series: “HBO's Game of Brands” Prof. Michael Szalay (University of California, Irvine) 24/9/2014 LCS Visiting Scholar Lecture Series: “The Manchurian Candidate, Then and Now” At the LCS visiting scholar lecture “The Manchurian Candidate, Then and Now”, Prof. Michael Szalay examined the history of The Manchurian Candidate, from Richard Condon's cold war spy thriller to the recent "quality" TV show Homeland.

15 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Department & Centre Highlights Date Topic Speaker 8/10/2014 Reading Club Meeting in Hong Kong Literature: “Two Anti-heroes: King of Killers and Hot Tempered Leung” 香港文學讀書會:「兩條好漢:殺人王與牛精良」 Dr. Wong Chung Ming (Hong Kong Shue Yan University) 黃仲鳴博士(香港樹仁大學) 13/10/2014 Reading Club Meeting in Chinese Literature: “The Lyrical Space: Several Methods of Reading Chinese Lyrical Tradition” 中國文學讀書會:「抒情空間:閱讀中國抒情傳統的幾種 方法」 Prof. Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard(陳國球教授) 17-18/10/2014 The Second International Conference on the Art of Interpretations of Chinese Canonical Texts 第二屆中國經典文獻的詮釋藝術國際學術研討會 This was an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the HKIEd. It was organised by Prof. Cheng Kat Hung, Dennis, as part of his GRF project funded by the RGC and co-organised by the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies at HKIEd, the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology at the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Intermediaries and Crossing Borders Cultural Exchange Project at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of National Taiwan University, the Department of Chinese Literature at the National Chengchi University, and the Department of Asian Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. 此乃香港教育學院二十週年校慶活動,由鄭吉雄教授 主辦(香港政府研究資助局優配研究金資助),香港 教育學院文學及文化學系、香港浸會大學饒宗頤國學 院、臺灣大學文學院跨國界的文化傳釋研究計劃、臺 灣政治大學中國文學系、美國賓夕凡尼亞州大學亞洲 研究系合辦。 27/10/2014 Lecture in Hong Kong Literature: “From Inspiration to Art”; and “The Birth of a Poem” 香港文學講座:「從靈感的捕捉到藝術的轉化」, 及「一首詩的誕生」 Dr. Wong Leung Wo(王良和博士)and Mr. Chung Kwok Keung (Hong Kong-based poet) 鍾國強先生 香港詩人) 29/10/2014 Reading Club Meeting in Chinese Literature: “A Dialogue with Lyricism: The Methods of Reading On Chinese Lyricism” 中國文學讀書會「與抒情對話:閱讀《抒情中國論》的方法」 Prof. Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard(陳國球教授) (introduced by Dr. Au Chung To)(引言人區仲桃博士) 30/10/2014 LCS Lecture Series: “From Jiangnan Watertown to Oriental Venice: The Teaching of Culture in Picture Books” 文學及文化學系講座系列:「從江南水鄉到東方威尼斯: 圖畫書中的文化教學」 Dr. Fok Yuk Ying(霍玉英博士) 30/10/2014 Guest Lecture: “A Poetry Talk by Collier Nogues” Ms. Collier Nogues (Poet) 7/11/2014 LCS Lecture Series: “The Structures of Huang Zhongze Anthologies in the Republican Period” 文學及文化學系講座系列:「民國時期黃仲則選本的結構方式」 Dr. Yip Cheuk Wai(葉倬瑋博士) 26/11/2014 LCS Lecture Series: “‘This is a bogus marriage!’ Readers’ Empathy in a Hong Kong Classroom” Dr. Bidisha Banerjee 12/2014 The publishing and broad distribution of the book In Other Words: Poetry in Translation from HKIEd 香港教育學院雙語詩集》成功出版面世 The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies 文學及文化學系 For more information about LCS, please visit http://www.ied.edu.hk/lcs. The Second International Conference on the Art of Interpretations of Chinese Canonical Texts invited active frontline scholars from several countries across Asia and North America to share the fruits of their latest research on the Chinese hermeneutic tradition. LCS promotes knowledge transfer both locally and internationally. In Other Words: Poetry in Translation from HKIEd is a new bilingual poetry book by HKIEd students and LCS staff. The book has been published and distributed free to more than 700 public libraries, primary and secondary schools, and universities in Hong Kong, and more than 200 schools and universities in other countries and areas such as Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, USA, and so forth.

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 16 Centre for Language in Education 語文教育中心 Message from the Head The Centre for Language in Education (CLE) is a unit of the Faculty of Humanities (FHM). After the launch of the new language policy in 2012/13, language exit requirements for English and Putonghua were set for all full-time undergraduate students, which become one of the core missions CLE has to focus on, with a view to supporting the implementation of the language policy. With this in mind, the three language enhancement programme teams have been perfecting and refining the curriculum as well as materials, in order to enhance the quality of learning and teaching of language enhancement programmes for students. In addition, given our emphasis on assessment for learning, CLE has been conducting language tests for our students including English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) and Tertiary Putonghua Test (TPT) since 2012/13, as well as developing the University Chinese Test (UCT) since 2014/15. Apart from the said ongoing refinement of curriculum and assessment, CLE is also providing students with sufficient opportunities to enhance their language proficiency through co-curricular activities. In 2014/15, our new members, seven International Tutors (ITs) and two English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), further strengthen our English enhancement programme (EEP) team and our provision of extra-curricular language enhancement activities. The English conversation corner (a component of independent learning activities of EEP) and language and cultural workshops offered by them are popular and well-received by students. It is hoped that, with comprehensive support from the Institute under the new language policy, students could become functionally biliterate and trilingual upon graduation. Dr. Leung Pui Wan, Pamela(梁佩雲博士 Head, Centre for Language in Education International Tutors & English Teaching Assistants 2014 /15 The seven International Tutors and two English Teaching Assistants from all around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Philippines, and the USA, are here to improve our students’ English skills. They are Hannah Drake, Daydria Alexis, Erin Leung, Gordon Aimee Hoffman, Arturo Urióstegui, Olivera Kapriš (Lola), Kevin Dahaghi, Suchika Kumar, and Victoria Tsang. Our International Tutors are offering face-to-face conversation sessions, mini debates, and small-group language activities to enrich students’ language learning experience on campus. Students may sign up for any of these speaking activities in conjunction with the Independent Learning Activities component of the English Enhancement Programmes. They are stationed at an open booth located at the busiest area of the Institute hoping to reach as many students as they can. We also have two English Teaching Assistants from the USA who are offering fun and educational cultural activities and workshops: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, to name a few! These are precious opportunities for students to get acquainted with American culture and brush up on their speaking skills in an authentic allAmerican setting.

17 FHM Newsletter . 人文學院通訊 Department & Centre Highlights New Staff Ms. Chan Ka Yee, Shirley Graduated from University of Edinburgh (MSc Applied Linguistics), the City University of Hong Kong (BA (Hons) English for Professional Communication), and in Trinity College Cert TESOL in London, Shirley is helping students obtain and enjoy this communication tool (English) throughout their life time. As Frank Smith has said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”. Mr. Chow Wing Kai, Ernest My name is Ernest Chow. I graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English. My motto is: Fortune Favours The Hardworking. If you work hard, you will have great fortune. Therefore, I always say to my students, “Practice makes perfect”. Ms. Mao Qunfan, Desiree Hi! My name is Desiree! Having studied and travelled across half of the world, I’m glad that I’m finally settling down in a career that I have great passion about – teaching teachers, and in a dynamic higher education community - HKIEd! My research areas of interest are e-learning in TESOL, 21st Century skills and curriculum design, and educational leadership. When it comes to my hobbies, let me put it this way: if you are a lover of concerts, sports games, hiking or even cooking, don’t forget “you have a friend”! Dr. Tse Ching Yee, Amelia Before joining HKIEd, I worked as a training programme developer in student motivation. Both my research and teaching interests lie in teaching English as a second language with special reference to motivation. For more information about CLE, please visit http://www.ied.edu.hk/cle.

人文學院通訊 . FHM Newsletter 18 Research Centre for Chinese Literature & Literary Culture 中國文學文化研究中心 香港文學大系》出版 2014年7月始,本中心重要項目《香港文學大系》(共十二卷),透過 商務印書館陸續出版。《香港文學大系》由本中心總監陳國球教授擔 任總主編,中心執行理事陳智德博士和霍玉英博士分別為副總主編 及分卷主編。本系列繼承《中國新文學大系》傳統,以體裁分卷,展 現多元而又多面向的香港文學歷史風貌,意義關乎本土,亦超乎本 土。本中心與商務印書館、香港公共圖書館舉辦多場講座,邀請各 卷主編與公眾分享編纂理念及成果,反應熱烈。自本系列出版後, 有關香港文學的意義和書寫問題獲得不少關注和討論,影響廣及 中、台、日、韓等地。 講座 2014年7月3日 陳國球教授(香港教育學院人文學院院長、中國文學文化研究中心總監 香港文學大系》新書發布會 商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心 2014年7月17日 陳智德博士(香港教育學院文學及文化學系助理教授) 香港文藝副刊與雜誌的印跡 香港書展2014會場 2014年8月30日 樊善標教授(香港中文大學中文系副教授)、危令敦教授(香港中文大 學中文系副教授) 早期香港報刊上的散文 商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心 2014年9月13日 黃仲鳴博士(香港樹仁大學新傳系副教授、《百家》文學雜誌總編輯) 借殼與技擊─香港通俗小說的兩個流派 商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心 2014年11月1日 講者:陳國球教授(香港教育學院人文學院院長、中國文學文化研究 中心總監)、陳智德博士(香港教育學院文學及文化學系助理教授) 主持:蔡益懷博士(香港作家聯會副會長) 香港文學的前世今生 香港中央圖書館 2014年12月6日 霍玉英博士(香港教育學院文學及文化學系副教授) 早期香港兒童雜誌與副刊中的兒童 商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心 2014年12月7日 程中山博士(香港中文大學中文系高級講師) 居夷風雅參時變—談百年香港舊體文學發展 商務印書館尖沙咀圖書中心 學者訪問中心 2014年3月,復旦大學中文系教授兼古籍所主任陳廣宏教授應文學 及文化學系和本中心的邀請訪問本校。陳廣宏教授是國內著名學 者,長期從事中國古代文學及明代文獻整理研究,近年關注近世 文學思想史、中國文學史研究史及日韓中國文學等。著有《文本、 史案與實證:明代文學文獻考論》、《文學史的文化敘事:中國文 學演變論集》、《竟陵派研究》等,出版論文六十餘篇。陳教授學貫 古今,在專題講座及讀書會上,既帶領我們走進晚明出版文化的視 域,發掘詩學與書籍編刊的關係和意義;又為我們重新梳理新文化 運動下西方文學理論的引入如何影響中國文學史的知識體系建構與 書寫,參與師生皆獲益良多。 學術活動 訪問學者專題講座 2014年3月10日 陳廣宏教授(復旦大學古籍整理研究所教授) 中國純文學史的興起 中國文學讀書會 2014年3月4日 陳廣宏教授(復旦大學古籍整理研究所教授) 詩法類著作在明代的生產與傳播—以《詩法要標》為例 2014年10月13日 陳國球教授(香港教育學院人文學院院長、中國文學文化研究中心總監 抒情空間:閱讀中國抒情傳統的幾種方法 2014年10月29日 陳國球教授(香港教育學院人文學院院長、中國文學文化研究中心總監 與抒情對話:閱讀《抒情中國論》的方法 香港文學講座 2014年10月27日 王良和博士(香港教育學院文學及文化學系副教授) 從靈感的捕捉到藝術的轉化 鍾國強先生(香港詩人) 一首詩的誕生 香港文學讀書會 2014年8月8日 王良和博士(香港教育學院文學及文化學系副教授) 外界的評論—〈魚咒〉、〈蟑螂變〉發表之後 鄭政恆先生(香港作家、影評人) 想像、記憶、經驗:重讀王良和〈魚咒〉及蟑螂變 2014年10月8日 黃仲鳴博士(香港樹仁大學新傳系副教授、《百家》文學雜誌總編輯) 兩條好漢:殺人王與牛精良 有關中國文學文化研究中心的資料,請瀏覽http://www.ied.edu.hk/rccllc。