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Teaching Development Grants (TDG)

Teaching Development Grants (TDG)

In line with the Department’s mission in supporting teacher professional development locally and internationally, our colleagues contribute actively to the enhancement of learning and teaching strategies, to curriculum design development, and to the pursuit of pedagogical innovation in the classroom. Our successful TDG applications include:

Inter-Institutional Level

The Department strives to be involved in large collaborative projects.

Year Principal Investigator / Co-Investigator Project Title Duration
2014-2015 Professor LIM Cher Ping The Blended & Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) Project: Collaborative Professional Development for Capacity Building in Blended and Online Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong 36 months

University Level

The Department is involved in a number of University-level funded projects.

Year Principal Investigator / Co-Investigator Project Title Duration
2016-2017 Dr WAN Zhihong Cultivating Students' Critical Thinking and Creativity through Web-based and Classroom-based Inquiry 27 months
2015-2016 Professor LEE Chi Kin John Understanding Global Issues through Gross-faculty Collaborations 21 months
2014- 2015 Dr XU Hui Xuan Enhancing Core Competences of Undergraduates through Service-learning: Effects of Different Service-learning Models 20 months
2013-2014 Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric Developing Personal Knowledge Management Training Curriculum Guide and Resources 24 months

Faculty Level

The Department has considerable involvement in cross-Faculty level projects.

Year Principal Investigator / Co-Investigator Project Title Duration
2020-2022 Dr YANG Lan, Professor LIM Cher Ping Harnessing the Power of Assessment to Support Pre-service Teachers' Learning and Professional Development through an Innovative Blended Learning Approach (A_BLe) 24 months
2017-2018 Dr KING Ronnel Bornasal Productive Failure Meets the Fipped Classroom: An Innovative Pedagogy to Improve Student Learning 18 months
2017-2018 Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric Developing Metacognitive Teaching Skills Through a Tripartite School Partnership Model 12 months
2017-2018 Dr ZHAN Ying Jane Enhancing Learning Engagement and Outcomes Through Formative E-assessment Tasks in the General Education Foundation Course 12 months
2016-2017 Dr YANG Min Developing Peer- and Self-Assessment Strategies for the Enhancement of Student Learning Outcomes 14 months
2015-2016 Dr LEE Wing Sze Wincy Practicing What One Preaches: Using Key Learning Principles to Foster Constructivist Epistemic Beliefs for Theory-practice Integration 12 months
2013-2014 Dr ZHANG Yuefeng Ellen Stories of Effective Classroom Management in Inclusive Education by Outstanding Teachers in Hong Kong 12 months
2013-2014 Dr FOK Ping Kwan Nurturing Critical Thinking Dispositions (CTD) of Students in Tertiary Education: Teaching and Assessment 12 months
2012-2013 Dr LAM Bick Har Studying Formative Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Learning Outcomes 12 months
2011-2012 Dr ZHANG Yuefeng Ellen Exploring the Development of Classroom Management Strategies by Outstanding Teachers in Hong Kong and its Application in Teacher Education 8 months
2011-2012 Dr XU Hui Xuan Developing Reflective Teaching and Learning Strategies in General Education Courses 1 year and 6 months