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The Centre has successfully granted with the Central Reserve Allocation Committee (CRAC) commissioned project entitled “Fostering interdisciplinary pedagogy for STEM Education in primary schools of Hong Kong (2019-22)”. In recent years, more and more schools are implementing school-based STEM lessons and activities with some focus on an interdisciplinary approach to conduct integrated STEM education. By integrating various subject-content knowledge, and learning objectives, designing interdisciplinary curriculum coupled with the collaboration of teachers from different disciplines, students’ learning dimension and experience can be broadened. The project will be implemented in four phases. In the first phase of this project, a territory-wide primary school studies for needs analysis will be conducted to identify the current situation, implications and challenges of interdisciplinary STEM education in schools. The findings of Phase One will inform the training and support programme provided for project primary school teachers in Phase Two in which research recommendations will be suggested. In the third and fourth phases, an interdisciplinary pedagogy for STEM Education will be recommended for the local primary schools. For dissemination of the research findings, open lessons and seminars will be conducted and teaching materials will be designed for transferring the insight gained to schools, pre- and in-service teachers, with the ultimate goal of enhancing students' interest in STEM education and other learning areas in a comprehensive way, as well as a broad-based STEM literacy.


「促進香港小學 STEM 教育的跨學科教學法」


Learning materials

官方文件:《推動STEM 教育—發揮創意潛能》概覽


文章摘錄:香港STEM教育的挑戰及國際經驗的啟示 (購買全書可按此)