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Mission and Vision

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is established as a pedagogical professional development centre under the Academy for Educational Development and Innovation (AEDI) of The Education University of Hong Kong. CELT aims to both support and initiate new, cutting edge classroom practices in schools, heightening teaching and learning effectiveness and striving for learning and teaching excellence.


Our vision is to become a major professional development centre for nurturing excellent teachers and developing effective pedagogies in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, taking a leading role in enhancing educator capacity and teaching effective pedagogies.


Our mission is to

  1. promote teacher professional development, establish teacher professional learning communities, and enhance learning and teaching effectiveness;
  2. research quality instructional theories, develop effective pedagogies, and disseminate good practices;
  3. foster collaboration with schools in Hong Kong and overseas research groups to facilitate research in effective pedagogies.


To achieve this mission, CELT will:

  • enhance the capacity of school leaders and in-service teachers through professional development programmes, seminars, workshops, school-based consultancy and support services not only to cater for learner diversity but also to empower teachers and students to achieve excellence.
  • organise public lessons for professional sharing, establish instructional sharing platform, and develop a teaching resources database.
  • transfer and mobilize knowledge of good practices and research findings for the benefit of the community through publications, resource packages and theme-based websites.


The centre is the former Centre for Learning Study and Centre for Small Class Teaching.