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中国音乐, 音乐心理学

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Dr Yang Yang is Assistant Professor of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts. He acquired his bachelor and master's degrees in music performance in China, having extensive experiences in both Western classical and Chinese music as a solo singer. He was awarded a PhD in music education in 2011 by the Institution of Education, University of London. His doctoral research explored pedagogical challenges in the teaching and learning of traditional folk song performance in higher education. He has been an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. Areas of study include music performance, musicology, singing pedagogy, the psychology of music, psychoacoustic and knowledge transfer.


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  • Qualifications

    PhD (University College London, UK)

    MA (Capital Normal University)

    BA (Northwest Normal University)

  • Areas of Teaching

    Chinese music (UNESCO ICH)
    Music education research methodology
    Psychology of music

  • Research Interests

    Singing pedagogy
    Psychology of music
    Chinese music (UNESCO ICH)
    Online education

  • Selected Outputs

    • Yang, Y., & Welch, G. F. (2014). Contemporary challenges in learning and teaching folk music in a higher education context: a case study of Hua'er music. Music Education Research, 16(2), 193–219.
    • Yang, Y., Welch, G. F., Sundberg, J., & Himonides, E. (2015). Tuning features of Chinese folk song singing: a case study of Hua'er music. Journal of Voice, 29(4), 426–432.
    • Yang, Y., & Welch, G. F. (2016). Pedagogical challenges in folk music teaching in higher education: A case study of Hua’er music in China. British Journal of Music Education,33(1), 61–79.
      Book chapters
    • Yang, Y., Carter-Enyi, A., Radhakrishnan, N., Grimmer, S., & Nix, J. (2014). Vocal Music and Pedagogy of Chinese, African, and Indian Genres. In G. F. Welch, D. M. Howard, & J. Nix (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Singing. Oxford University Press.
    • Yang, Y. (2015). Music performance in a ‘transitional era' of education: a case study of folk song performance in China. In I. Papageorgi & G. F. Welch (Eds.), Advanced Musical Performance: Investigations in Higher Education Learning (1st ed., pp. 77–95). London: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
  • Research Projects

    • The transformation of traditional folk song singing in Higher music education
      2005, PhD research
    • England ‘Sing-up’ national singing programme
      2006, Survey data operator
    • Survival & inheritance: National music ICH in Xi’an
      2013, Deputy project manager
    • Indigenous music education in the development of cultural identity: A comparative perspective of China and Australia
      2014, Project leader
    • Pre-service music teachers’ professional identity development in China
      2015, Project leader
    • Motivational factors that influence non-music undergraduates’ enrolment in general music courses
      2018, MOOC for UNESCO music ICH in China
  • Prizes and Awards

    2006-2009 Overseas Research Students Award
    Awarding Body: Secretary of State for Education and Science, UK

  • Major External Research Grants

    • 2013 Music education training course design
      Funding Body: Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China
    • 2014 Multi-case study of ICH music traditions in Xi’an (co-manager)
      Funding Body: Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Xi’an, China
    • 2014-2015 CSC overseas visiting scholar funding
      Funding Body: China Scholarship Council (CSC)
    • 2014-2016 Bilingual music research training course design
      Funding Body: Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China
    • 2015 ‘Music Express’ creativity education programme for Children
      Funding Body: Ministry of Education PRC, Beijing, China