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Our Centre has an active profile in research and development with a proven record.   We will continue to build on our strengths to mature into a centre of excellence.

Support Programme on Fostering Communities of Practice to Enhance Small Class Teaching 2015-17 (Chinese, English, Maths, General Studies)

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) has successfully granted with the EDB commissioned programme entitled “Provision of Services for Support Programme on fostering Communities of Practice to enhance Small Class Teaching” in 2015-2017. It will provide professional support to 120 participating schools through workshops, learning circles within and across schools, and sharing sessions of exemplary practices to enhance teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge , theoretical understanding and application of effective teaching strategies in small class settings The programme renders support to teachers of the four major subjects of Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics or General Studies to develop and apply effective pedagogies for self-directed learning, e-learning and catering for learner diversity.

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Problem-oriented learning improvement in Mathematics (POLIMATH) 2013-15

The project aims at  supporting school teachers to  utilize Assessment for Learning (AfL) in Mathematics teaching to  identify students’ learning difficulties  so as to design appropriate teaching materials that meet the needs of the students.  It is expected that through collaborative lesson preparations, lesson observations among peers, public lesson observations, and lesson analysis, teachers could effectively make use of the AfL data for improving teaching and learning.


Teaching Analysis and Lesson Observation Network (TALON)

The project TALON sponsored by QEF and collaborated with ten local primary schools aims at developing a theory in enhancing lesson analysis, exploring effective lesson observation and evaluation method so as to establish a culture of quality lesson observation. Totally ten public lessons had been conducted for professional sharing.