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The Centre organizes international and regional seminars and lectures in which distinguished scholars share their hands-on experience and research findings related to Lesson Study and SCT.

WALS International Conference 2017

WALS International Conference 2017 with the theme “Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study” organized by the World Association of Lesson Studies was held in Nagoya, Japan, from 24-26 November 2017. A thousand of participants from the academia of 35 places presented their work in the format of Oral Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Symposium, and Round table / Workshop.

Dr. Ko Po Yuk, Director of Centre for Excellence of Learning and Teaching, and seven of her colleagues presented seven papers and case studies of both Learning Study and Lesson Study covering the topics of university-school partnership, inter-school professional learning communities, and special education. Apart from presenting papers, the colleagues of CELT had visited schools and observed lessons at kindergarten, primary and secondary sectors.  The event has promoted collegial exchange and fostered wider networking among practitioners in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. 

Conference on Small Class Education in the Greater China Region

The Conference on Small Class Education in the Greater China Region was held on 9-11 November 2017. The theme of the conference was “Small class teaching: Integrating theories into practice”.  More than 100 participants from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, shared their valuable experiences in implementing small class teaching at the conference.

Honorary Advisors Dr. Lai Kwok Chan and Dr. Chan Kam Wing Paul, and two other colleagues of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) presented three papers on Positive Education, Self-directed Learning, and Professional Learning Communities respectively. The centre representatives also visited and observed demonstration lessons in three primary and secondary schools in Macau. The conference has not only facilitated professional sharing of small class teaching practices among the participants but also strengthened the networking of these regions.

The 12th Changjiang Delta Symposium on Small Class Education

On behalf of the CELT, Dr. Lai Kwok Chan, Honorary Advisor of CELT and Adjunct Associate Professor of C&I, made a presentation at the 12th Changjiang Delta Symposium on Small Class Education in Yangpu District, Shanghai on 27 October 2017.  The event was attended by education officials and practitioners from Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Dalian and other places in China.  The event was remarkable as it commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the Yangpu District pioneering the implementation of small class teaching in Shanghai. It also marks 15 years of fruitful collaboration between the University and the District in academic exchange and teacher development in small class teaching.  In his presentation, Dr. Lai reviewed how the University has served as a bridge between researchers in the East and the West, which resulted in recent publications on class size and small class teaching.  He also shared experiences of Hong Kong schools implementing positive education through class building in small class environments.

“FlipCon Taipei 2016” & “Global Leadership Forum 2016”

With the aim of learning more about the Flipped Learning practices in USA and Taiwan, three staff members of CELT attended a 2-day conference entitled “FlipCon Taipei 2016” on 15-16 April, 2016, and a discussion forum named “Global Leadership Forum 2016” on 17 April, 2016 in Taipei.

Our colleagues have learned the distinct features of flipped learning practices in USA and Taiwan. The Flipped Classroom advocated in USA emphasizes the significance of making good use of the face-to-face class time while that of Taiwan focuses on extending the learning beyond classrooms through Junyi Academy, an e-Learning platform. The discussion among the academics in reviewing the different practices of flipped learning adopted in Taiwan and USA has given much insight to the staff members of CELT about how to contextualize flipped learning to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness in Hong Kong.

International symposium “Governance Reform and Quality Assurance in Education"

Dr Ko Po Yuk was invited to give a speech in the international symposium entitled “Governance Reform and Quality Assurance in Education”, organized by the University of Tokyo on 24 October 2015. She presented the socio-political trends about the topic for the past 10 to 20 years in Hong Kong/Mainland China, and any unique practices or policies if they exist.

Nanjing Symposium on Small Class Teaching 2015

With the support from the China Teacher Press and the Education Department of Nanjing Normal University, the education seminar on small class teaching 2015 was held in Zhonghuazhongxue Shangxinhechujizhongxue in Nanjing on October 22-23, 2015 with the aims to further promote the education research and practice of small class teaching, to share the outcomes of different places, to investigate the key issues and the future trend of small class teaching, and to foster the sustainable development of small class teaching. Approximately 500 co-workers from over twenty regions like Nanjing, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hangzhou attended the seminar for an in-depth discussion about the topic “Classroom reform to ensure that the learning of each individual student really takes place”.

The project report entitled “Small class teaching and self-regulated learning: Opportunities and challenges” written by Dr Lai Kwok Chan and Dr Wong Kit Ching recognized the achievement of small class teaching in Nanjing which has combined the learning outcomes of SCT in Nanjing with those of the western countries to further promote small class teaching in the Mainland. The report has given a brief description about the implementation of self-directed learning in Hong Kong and the challenges encountered.

The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS)

Our Centre Director, Dr. Ko Po Yuk, is one of the founding members of The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) which links up main scholars in the field of Lesson and Learning Study research all over the world. Members of the international network attend and make presentations at the WALS annual conference to disseminate the outcomes of Learning Study cases.