Dr HOU Wai Kai

Associate Professor / Director of Centre for Psychosocial Health
Department of Psychology,
The Education University of Hong Kong                         

Phone: (852) 29488841
Email: wkhou@eduhk.hk
ORCID: 0000-0003-1402-2318

Education PhD, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong
Biography Dr Wai-Kai Hou, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Department of Psychology, and Director of Centre of Psychosocial Health, EdUHK. He was Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University in New York. His research focuses on everyday processes and mechanisms of psychological resilience across trauma and chronic stress conditions, with the ultimate goal of optimizing assessment and intervention for stress and health.
Research Interests
  • Everyday life processes and mechanisms of resilience
  • Stress and coping
  • Emotion
5 Representative Publications
  • Hou, W. K., Liu, H.†, Liang, L.†, Ho, J., Kim, H.†, Seong, E.†, Bonanno, G. A., Hobfoll, S. E., & Hall, B. J. (2020). Everyday life experiences and mental health among conflict-affected forced migrants: A meta-analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders, 264, 50-68.
  • Hou, W. K., & Hall, B. J. (2019). The mental health impact of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Lancet Psychiatry, 6(12), 982.
  • Hou, W. K., Lai, F. T. T.†, Hougen, C.†, Hall, B. J., & Hobfoll, S. E. (2019). Measuring everyday processes and mechanisms of stress resilience: Development and initial validation of the Sustainability of Living Inventory (SOLI). Psychological Assessment, 31, 715-729.
  • Hou, W. K., Hall, B. J., & Hobfoll, S. E. (2018). Drive to thrive: A theory of resilience following loss. In N. Morina & A. Nickerson (Eds.), Mental Health of Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations (pp. 111-133). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Hou, W. K., Law, C. C., Yin, J., & Fu, Y. T. (2010). Resource loss, resource gain, and psychological resilience and dysfunction in the year following cancer diagnosis: A growth mixture modeling approach. Health Psychology, 29, 484-495.