Dr FONG Yui Chi Cathy

Assistant Professor
Department of Early Childhood Education,
The Education University of Hong Kong                         

Phone: (852) 29487236
Email: ycfong@eduhk.hk
ORCID: 0000-0003-0024-3988
Education PhD in Educational Psychology,
The University of Hong Kong
Biography Dr Cathy FONG Yui Chi has research interests in literacy development and reading difficulties. She has authored and coauthored journal-article and book-chapter publications on literacy acquisition and reading difficulties. She is currently working on RGC-funded projects on executive functions and reading comprehension difficulties. She also obtained a professional qualification to practice as educational psychologist in Hong Kong. She was one of the developers of the latest diagnostic tool for students with specific learning difficulties in Hong Kong.
Research Interests
  • Language and literacy development
  • Reading difficulties​
  • Executive functions
5 Representative Publications
  • Fong C. Y. C. & Chung P. Y. (2020): The role of orthographic flexibility in Chinese word reading among kindergarten children. Educational Psychology,
  • Fong, C. Y. C. & Ho, C. S. H. (2019). Poor oral discourse skills are the key cognitive-linguistic weakness of Chinese poor comprehenders: A three-year longitudinal study. First Language, 39(3), 281-297.
  • Ho, C. S. H., Fong, C. Y. C., & Zheng, M. (2019). Contributions of vocabulary and discourse-level skills to reading comprehension among Chinese elementary school children. Applied Psycholinguistics, 40(2), 323-349.
  • Fong, C. Y.-C., & Ho, C. S.-H. (2017). What are the contributing cognitive-linguistic skills for early Chinese listening comprehension? Learning and Individual Differences, 59, 78-85.
  • McBride-Chang, C., Lam, F., Lam, C., Chan, B., Fong, C. Y.-C., Wong, T. T.-Y., & Wong, S. W.-L. (2014). Early predictors of dyslexia in Chinese children: Familial history of dyslexia, language delay, and cognitive profiles. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 52, 204-211.