Dr TONG Xiuhong

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology,
The Education University of Hong Kong                       

Phone: (852) 29487882
Email: xhtong@eduhk.hk
ORCID: 0000-0002-2934-5278

Education Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, Department of Psychology,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2013
Biography Dr Xiuhong Tong is a developmental psychologist. She received her Ph.D. degree in the Department of Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2013. She then completed her postdoctoral training at CUHK in 2016. She worked as a research professor at Hangzhou Normal University from 2016-2017. She has authored or coauthored nearly 40 journal articles and 3 book chapters.
Research Interests
  • Language learning and processing
  • Word reading and developmental dyslexia
  • Reading comprehension and reading comprehension difficulty
5 Representative Publications
  • Tong, X., Shen, W., Li, Z., Xu, M., Pan, L., & Tong, S. X. (2019). Phonological, not semantic, activation dominates Chinese character recognition: Evidence from a visual world eye-tracking study. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1747021819887956.
  • Tong, X., Leung, W. W. S., & Tong, X. (2019). Visual statistical learning and orthographic awareness in Chinese children with and without developmental dyslexia. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 92, 103443.
  • Shen, W., Qu, Q., & Tong*, X (2018). Visual Attention Shift to Printed Words during Spoken Word Recognition in Chinese: The Role of Phonological Information. Memory & Cognition.
  • Tong, X., Tong, X., & King Yiu, F. (2017). Beyond Auditory Sensory Processing Deficits: Lexical Tone Perception Deficits in Chinese Children With Developmental Dyslexia. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 0022219417712018.
  • Tong, X., Lo, J. C. M., McBride, C., Ho, C. S. H., Waye, M. M. Y., Chung, K. K. H., & Chow, B. W. Y. (2016). Coarse And Fine N1 Tuning For Print In Younger And Older Chinese Children: Orthography, Phonology, Or Semantics Driven?. Neuropsychologia, 91, 109-119.