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Developing an Agenda for Continuing Collaborative Research
Proposals for two research programmes have been developed, which represent the research interests of the KRA for Learning and Assessment and its members. These research programmes are, ‘Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development’, and ‘Secondary Analysis of Public Exam Data in Hong Kong’. The function of each research programme is to develop an agenda for research that will be ongoing, and dynamic, progressing with the interests and expertise of the KRA membership. The programmes represent broad categories in Assessment and Learning, and allow a wide scope of collaborative teams and projects to develop. The role of the KRA is to organize, and support the work of the various research teams within each programme.

If you are interested in initiating or participating in collaborative research with other KRA L&A members, contact us for more information about how we may help:

Research Advice Network
Collaborative efforts are maximized by the mentorship of new researchers by experienced senior colleagues. The KRA has developed a ‘Research Advice Network ’ which is designed to facilitate networking between new researchers and experienced senior researchers who will be ‘Research Advisors ’. The KRA will work within and outside the institute, to establish contacts with leading researchers in the relevant research areas. In addition, it will work with the other KRA research teams to assist in providing opportunities for consultation to develop research efforts to ensuring quantifiable output.

Many thanks to the Research Advisors who have volunteered their time:
Professor Magdalena Mok, Professor Wang Wen Chun, Professor Trevor Bond, Dr. Kevin Chung, and Dr. Claire Egan.

If you have particular expertise that you are willing to share with Institute colleagues, let us know. We would love to include you as one of our research advisors.

If you are looking for some advice about a current research project, contact us for more information about how we can help: