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Professional Training in Psychotherapy in Sichuan

Professional Training in Psychotherapy in Sichuan

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In 2022 June and September, two earthquakes occurred in Sichuan, resulting in many deaths and injuries. A series of natural disasters have not only destroyed the beautiful homes of Sichuan people, but also left a heavy damage to their hearts.

The Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL) of The Education University of Hong Kong, together with Dr. Huang Xiaohong from the Narrative Drawing Intervention Institute, provides NDI courses to 30 seed teachers from Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences and City North Middle School in Shimian. After training, the seed teachers will provide psychological consultation and intervention service to 150 students in need after the earthquakes. Feelings give therapists the opportunity to enter their inner world, so as to cure their psychological trauma.


Narrative Drawing Intervention (NDI) is a kind of treatment method that combines narrative therapy and art. It effectively subconsciously serves users through painting and narrative. Its operability and practicality have been certified and abroad for many years, especially for children and teenagers. Narrative painting can help them express themselves to their inner world more easily.

I-WELL will provide scientific assessment of the psychological and mental health of students in need, including biochemical assessment, eye tracking, brain nerve assessment, design psychological counselling and intervention services based on the evaluation results. In order to cooperate with the treatment and improve the crisis management of schools in the district, the plan also provides school case-by-case crisis treatment courses for seed teachers.


1. Guide 30 seed teachers to provide counseling and support to students in need, both within and outside the school, including other disaster areas in Sichuan Province, through mastering NDI and the 1+1 online and offline integrated service forms.

2. Utilize psychological counseling and therapy services to improve the mental health status of 150 primary and secondary school students in need in the aftermath of the disaster in Shimian County.

3. Generate mental health assessment reports for post-disaster for students, laying a reference foundation for follow-up research.

4. Develop a crisis management system for schools and improve its service system.

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Professional Training in Psychotherapy in Sichuan