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I-Believe Plus

Project Details


It is a multi-disciplinary follow-up project for the parenting workshop of an Evidence-based + Individualized Education Program funded by multiple benefactors. It aims to provide enhancement training, i.e. parental tips and home practices, to consolidate the progress of participant of CITIC 2019 participants. The original design is a tailor-made face-to-face workshops for CITIC-Pacific I-Believe participating parents and group therapy sessions for pediatric participants (all with suspected or diagnosed SEN).


In view of COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong which has increased the difficulties of home-bound parent-children interaction during school suspension, online mode, live or pre-recorded session has been delivered. This aims to provide timely and evidence-based training to parents of the children with SEN circumventing the difficulties of physical gathering and traveling to training site. 

Content of Online Workshops:

  1. Speech Therapy Parent Workshops (Live online sessions on 18 April & 9 May by Ms. Zandra Mok)
  2. Montessori Workshop to provide basic demos and language development (Live online sessions 25 April by Ms. Zandra Mok & Ms. Renee Chan)
  3. Brain Gym®  Workshop for home practices (YouTube videos by Ms. Renee Chan on 27, 28, 29 Apr)
  4. Children Social-Emotional group to enhance executive function or the skills of emotional management (Live online sessions on 29 April & 6 May by Ms. Cherry Yau & Ms. Rebecca Wong) 
  5. Pastel Art Workshop (Live online session on 15 August by experienced social worker and Japanese Nagomi Pastel Art Advanced Instructors, Ms. Michelle Leung and Mr. Paul Choy)
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CITIC I-Believe 2019 participants

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