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Project Details


The "Elderly Buddies Hand-in-hand Scheme" is funded by the Phase 2 of Mental Health Initiative Funding Scheme, which is co-ordinated by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health, the Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL) of The Education University of Hong Kong hopes to raise public awareness and fundamental knowledge on elderly with mental health needs and basic mental health caring and counselling throughout a series of project events.

We expect the project to promote a warm and positive atmosphere among the community towards elderly with mental health needs through different early preventive measures, minimizing the stigmatization on elderly who are suffering from mental health needs, and creating an inclusive culture in the community.

Project Objectives

The project objectives include:
a) To improve awareness of elderly with mental needs in the community with fundamental concepts, knowledge, and skills in nurturing the mental well-being of people through
(i) establishing an inclusive and accepting atmosphere;
(ii) de-stigmatization of elderly with mental illness;
(iii) enhancing understandings, knowledge, skills, and sensitivity to identify elderly with mental health needs and supports;

b) To promote positive mental health in the community and region;

c) To provide basic mental and health care, and counselling training to the carer of elderly with mental health needs and the active young old in the community;


Carers of elderly with mental health needs, active young old in the Northern, Tai Po, Sha Tin, and New Territories West Districts

Enquire or Registration

For any inquiries or registrations, please contact Ms. Lau/Ms. Cheung at 2948 8383/5439 5807 (Whatsapp), or email to ebuddies@eduhk.hk.

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