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“Hold You Together” Special Education Conference 2024


Organized by the Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC) of The Education University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL), Lingnan Normal University and Nanjing Normal University of Special Education. The “Hold You Together” Special Education Conference 2024 is successfully held on 7 May, 2024.

The hybrid conference brought together over 200 scholars, special education professionals and experts from special schools, NGOs, and EdTech companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia and mainland China providing an exchange platform for educators from different regions.

The conference featured 4 keynote speeches and 21 parallel sessions where researchers, academics, special/inclusive educators, and teachers from schools in Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Guangdong Province were invited to share their developments and findings.

Experts from EdUHK, NGOs, and EdTech companies were invited to showcase innovations utilizing Artificial Intelligence, 3D metaverse platforms, and multi-modal intelligent evaluation tools. These innovations aim to assist students with speech development needs, autism, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorders, and other special educational needs

The conference brought inspiration and motivation to the collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland China in the field of special education and inclusive education, encouraging the exchange of ideas and collaboration among professionals from different sectors, and jointly contribute to the development and advancement of special education and inclusive education.

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