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“100 Parents 2018 Family Day”


EdUHK Promotes Harmonious Family Relationships for Successful Child Development

About 200 families joined “100 Parents 2018 Family Day”, held at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) on 7 October 2018 to learn how to help their children face challenges through positive parent-child relationships.

Sharing their views with the audience were Dr Leung Chi-hung, Associate Professor of the Department of Special Education and Counselling and Co-director of the Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL) at EdUHK, Ms Frances Louie Tsui-man, Department Manager of the Occupational Therapy Department at Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, and celebrity Mr Sammy Leung Chi-kin. 

Mr Leung said, “Aging has taught me that wealth and achievement are not that important in one’s life. Instead, it is interaction with family and friends that creates the greatest happiness in our life. Maintaining a good relationship with your child will provide your child with a true taste of happiness, which can further develop into a long-term mutually beneficial experience in the family.”

Dr Leung introduced some effective family communication skills, such as “5 Love Languages”: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Speaking of his own childcare experience, Dr Leung emphasised that love and understanding are the most important contributors to the development of the parent-child relationship.

The event also included a child development workshop, in which the children learned creative problem-solving skills and stretching exercises through a series of experiential lessons, such as STEM, martial arts, and break dancing.

“100 Parents 2018 Family Day” was co-organised by the “Sporty Fun” Working Group of Tai Po North District Local Committee on Services for Young People of the Social Welfare Department, I-WELL, and the Associations of Heads of Secondary Schools in the Tai Po and North districts. It is the second programme in the “100 Parent” series. The key objective of their work this year is to enhance public awareness of the importance of family harmony and mental health, under the themes of sports, family, understanding and networking.