Research Highlights Overview

Dr CHOW Chi Ching Gary

Teaching Adults to Ride a Bike through a Novel Cycling Task: Differences of Electromyography Activity, Gait and Posture between Bikers and Non-bikers on a Balance Bike

Pilot and Feasibility Studies of Applying Remote Assessment in Physical Education
EdU Touch Resource Pack-Phase 2
Movement Pattern of Touch Rugby: Comparison between National Players and Collegiate Players in Small Sized Games
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Prof CHOW Hung Kay Daniel

Investigation of the Effects of Sports Imagery Training and Ability on Badminton Service Return in a PE Setting
Development of a Video-Based Classification System for Assessing Locomotor Skills in Children
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Dr CHUNG Ming Yan Louisa

Application of Dietary Monitoring Apps in Enhancing Eating Behaviour of Balanced Diet among Younger Adults
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Dr LEUNG Ka Man Carman

Adapted Physical Activity: Light Volleyball in Older Adults
Adapted Physical Activity: Sitting Light Volleyball in People with Physical Disabilities
Walking in Older Adults

Esports in Youth and Older Adults
Sport Character Development through Empowering Coaching
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Dr OR Pui Lai Peggy

Investigate the Effectiveness of Environmental Cleaning Protocol in School Settings
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Dr SUN Fenghua Bob

Environmental Correlates of Health-related Behaviors in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The International Network for Physical Activity and Disability (INPAD) Autism Study
Effect of Game-based High-Intensity Interval Training Program on the Executive Function of Children with ADHD: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Acute Effect of Brief Mindfulness-based Intervention for Athletes’ Recovery- a fNIRS Investigation
A Comparison of the Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, Cognitive Function and Cardiometabolic Health of Young People in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom
Reliability and Validity of the Modified Chinese Version of the Netherlands Physical Activity Questionnaire for Young Children (NPAQ) in Assessing Physical Activity Behaviors in Preschool Children in Hong Kong
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Dr TSE Choi Yeung Andy

Improving Executive Function of Children with ASD through Cycling Skill Acquisition
Examining whether Visual Proprioception Mediates the Relation between Crawling Experience and Wariness of Heights
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Dr. TSE Choi Yeung, Andy

Associate Professor & Acting Head of Department
Research interests:
Andy’s primary research interest lies on the motor learning and impact of physical activity on psychological, cognitive and physical well-being in children with autism spectrum disorder.  He is also interested in motor development and the effect of free-play on overall quality of life in typically developing children. He recently initiates a new research project on the investigation of free-play participation among school-aged children. His research goal is to propose a lighthouse parenting strategy as a reasonable approach to build success among children.

Dr. CHOW Chi Ching, Gary

Assistant Professor & Associate Head of Department (Learning and Teaching)
Research interests:
Sports recovery;
Postural control and sports;
Rugby Science;
Sports training invention;
Technology in Physical Education;
Generic skills and sports participation

Dr. LOUIE Hung Tak, Lobo, MH

Senior Lecturer I & Associate Head of Department (Internship and Community Collaboration)
Graduate Certificate in Sports & Recreation Management: Victoria University of Technology, Australia.
Doctor of Physical Education: Springfield College, USA.
Master of Science: Springfield College, USA.
Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Lauda): Springfield College, USA.
Advanced Teacher Certificate in Education (Physical Education): Grantham College of Education, Hong Kong.
Teacher Certificate: Northcote College of Education, Hong Kong.

Research interests:

Pediatric Exercise Science; Physical Activity; Outdoor Sports and Wilderness Experience

Dr. SUN Fenghua, Bob

Associate Professor & Associate Head of Department (Research and Development)
Research interests:
• Nutritional and metabolic aspects of exercise
• Exercise, nutrition and body weight control
• Physical activity, nutrition and health promotion

Prof. CHENG Sheung-Tak

Chair Professor of Psychology and Gerontology
Research interests:
• Successful aging
• Elderly depression and suicide
• Dementia caregivers
• Social network
• Activity therapy

Prof. CHOW Hung Kay, Daniel

Chair Professor of Health and Sports Science
Research interests: 
Movement Analysis, Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Sports Health, Christian Education

Dr. LEUNG Ka Man, Carman

Associate Professor
B.Sci.(University of Hong Kong); M.Soc.Sci. (Hong Kong Baptist University);
MSci. (Boise State University); Ph.D. (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Areas of Teaching
Volleyball; Sport management; teaching and coaching in Physical Education
Research Interests
Older adult, children, environmental correlates to physical activity (especially walking),
light volleyball, sitting light volleyball (adapted physical activity), Esports, Physical activity promotion, physical activity measurement

Dr. CHUNG Ming Yan, Louisa

Assistant Professor
Research interests:
• Eating behaviour modification,
• Teledietetics,
• Nutrition education and knowledge transfer,
• Physical fitness assessment in the community,
• Glycemic index,
• Exergaming for health

Dr. OR Pui Lai, Peggy

Assistant Professor
Research interests:
Infection control, Healthcare quality, school health, eLearning

Dr. WONG Ling Yu, Anna

Assistant Professor
BA (Hons) in Music, University of Cambridge, UK
MA in Education (Psychology), Institute of Education, University of London, UK
PhD in Education, University of Cambridge, UK
Other Qualifications:
Training of Trainers Certificate in Advanced Community Music Leadership, Musicians without Borders, The Netherlands
Mental Health First Aid Instructor (2022-2023)
Areas of Teaching:
School mental health education and promotion; Healthy aging; Music, health, and wellbeing; Qualitative and mixed research methods
Research Interests:
Music for well-being; Music therapy research; Mental health education and promotion

Dr. WONG Ming Yu, Claudia

Assistant Professor
BA (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); MSc (University of Edinburgh)
MSc (University of Glasgow); Ph.D (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Areas of Teaching:
Swimming, Sport Psychology and Mental Preparation, Sports Coaching, Research Methods
Research Interests:
Youths, Older adults, Kindergarteners, Athletes, Self-care and Physical Activity, Self-compassion, Positive Psychology in Education and Coaching

Dr. ZHENG Chen

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Education), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
M.Sc. (Exercise Science), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
B.Ed. (Sports Science), Beijing Sport University
Area of Teaching
Physical Activity for Health; Physical Activity, Health and Fitness in School Populations; Research Methods
Research Interest
Exercise Physiology
Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior
Obesity, Aging, and Cardio-metabolic Health

Dr. KAM Wai Keung, Kevin

Principal Lecturer
Research interests:
Socio-cultural Studies in Sport and Physical Education, Curricular and Pedagogical Studies of Physical Education, Professional Development of PE Teachers, Physical Activity, Fitness and Health Promotion, Outdoor Adventure Education

Ms. KWOK Bo Ping, Eva

Senior Lecturer I
M.Sc. (Nutrition, Food Science and Technology), CUHK
MSoc.Sc. (Psychology of Education-Credit), CityUHK
Certificate Course on Student Guidance and Discipline for Teachers of Secondary Schools (Distinction), CUHK
BEd. (Secondary Education), OUHK
BA (Work-based Learning Studies), Middlesex University, UK
ACTE (Home Management – Distinction), The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Teacher Certificate (Home Economics), Northcote College of Education
Areas of Teaching:
Curriculum Planning and Pedagogy in Home Economics/ Technology and Living Education, Theory and Practice of Culinary Skills and Needlework Skills, STEM Education in Secondary School Settings.
Research Interests:
Food and Nutrition, Students with Special Educational Needs

Mr. CHAN Ching Yat, Roy

Senior Lecturer II
Master of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Master of Exercise Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Education (Hons.), The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Areas of Teaching
Sports and Exercise for Special Populations, Teaching Physical Education to Students with Special Needs, Theory and Practice of Team Ball Games, Theory and Practice of Racquet Games, Current Issues and controversies in Hong Kong School Physical Education
Research Interests
Adapted Physical Education, Physical Fitness of Person with Special Needs

Mr. HO YIK KIU, Kenneth

Senior Lecturer II
Master of Art (School Improvement and leadership), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Education (Hons.), The Hong Kong Institute of Education 
Areas of Teaching:
PES1272 Introduction to Practical and Theoretical Considerations in Sports Coaching
PES2164 Theory and Practice of Individual Physical Activities  
PES2174 Theory and Practice of Team Ball Games
PES3172 Fundamental Movement for Junior Primary School    
PES3178 Theory and Practice of Lifelong Physical Activities
PES3280 Pedagogy and Practice in Sports Coaching
PES4292 Internship
Research Interests:
Fundamental Movement
Learning and Teaching Strategies in Physical Education
Motor Learning
Sports Training
Sports Coaching
Technology in Physical Education

Ms. WANG Sha

Lecturer I
B.Ed. (Beijing Sports); M.Ed. (Beijing Sports)
Areas of teaching:
Gymnastics, Aerobics, Dance and Tai Chi
Research interests:
Gymnastics and Aerobics

Dr. WONG Hoi Wai, Henry

Lecturer I
Ed.D. (Physical Education and Sports Science), EdUHK
M.Sc. (Sports Medicine and Health Science), CUHK
B.Ed. (Hons.) (Physical Education), HKIEd
Areas of Teaching:
Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education, Sports Injury and Prevention, Human Anatomy, Sports Performance Analysis
Research Interests:
Motor Learning and Control, Teaching Pedagogy, Rasch Measurement, Educational Assessment

Ms. CHAN Ka Man, Carmen

Lecturer II
  • MSocSc (Psychology) (Schools and Community Settings) (EdUHK)
  • Bachelor of Health Education (Hons) (EdUHK)
  • Certificate of Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (Level Two) (HKSSEP),

Areas of teaching:
Physical Fitness Education, Child and Adolescent Health Education
Research interests:
Physical health & mental health, karate-do
  • Member of the Hong Kong Psychological Society
  • Councillor of the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

Mr. SIU Ka Man, Tom

Lecturer II
MSocSc (Sport and Leisure Management), HKBU
Area of Teaching:
Theory and Practice of Racquet Games, Analysis of Teaching and Coaching in Physical Education
Research Intertest:
Badminton, Sports Management

Professor Richard Irving TINNING

(Emeritus Professor of Pedagogy)
Status and Qualification:
Professor of Pedagogy & Physical Education, School of Human Movement Studies,
University of Queensland, Australia
Professor of Physical Education, School of Curriculum & Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Appointment Period:
1 November 2021 to 31 October 2023

Dr LI Chung

Status and Qualifications:
Justice of Peace of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Adjunct Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education
The Education University of Hong Kong
(since 2015)

Appointment Period:
1 October 2021 to 30 September 2023

Ms CHING Tai Yin Patricia

Status and Qualifications:
Senior Nurse Adviser of Infection Control at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Appointment Period:
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024

Dr CHOW Pui Yu Lina

Status and Qualifications:
PhD, MEd in Teacher Education
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Health and Physical Education
The Education University of Hong Kong
(since 2015)

Appointment Period:
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024

Dr CRUZ Alberto

Status and Qualifications:
Doctor of Education
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Health and Physical Education
The Education University of Hong Kong
(since 2018)

Appointment Period:
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024