Boolean Algebra


In working with logic relations in digital form, we need a set of rules for symbolic manipulation which will enable us to simplify complex expressions and solve for unknowns. Originally, Boolean algebra which was formulated by George Boole, an English mathematician (1815-1864) described propositions whose outcome would be either true or false. In computer work it is used in addition to describe circuits whose state can be either 1 (true) or 0 (false).Using the relations defined in the AND, OR and NOT operation, a number of postulates are stated in Table 2.1 [Ref.3].

Table 2.1 Boolean Postulates

Basic Boolean Theorems

Table 2.2 provides the basic Boolean theorems. Each theorem is described by two parts that are duals of each other.

Principle of duality

1. Interchanging the OR and AND operations of the expression.
2. Interchanging the 0 and 1 elements of the expression.
3. Not changing the form of the variables.

Table 2.2 Theorems of Boolean Algebra

T1 : Commutative Law
(a) A + B = B + A
(b) A B = B A
T2 : Associative Law
(a) (A + B) + C = A + (B + C)
(b) (A B) C = A (B C)
T3 : Distributive Law
(a) A (B + C) = A B + A C
(b) A + (B C) = (A + B) (A + C)
T4 : Identity Law
(a) A + A = A
(b) A A = A
T5 : Negation Law
T6 : Redundance Law
(a) A + A B = A
(b) A (A + B) = A
T7 :
(a) 0 + A = A
(b) 1 A = A
(c) 1 + A = 1
(d) 0 A = 0
T8 :
T9 :
T10 : De Morgan's Theorem

The theorems in Table 2.2 can be proved algebraically, by using the truth tables or by using the Venn diagram.

Example 2.1 Prove T9 : (a)

(1) Algebraically,

(2) Using the truth table,

(3) Using Venn diagrams,

Example 2.2 Draw the circuit diagram of the Boolean expression :

Circuit :

Example 2.3 Recall the definition of a NAND gate :

The output of a NAND gate is high if any of its inputs is low. That is, the output is low only if all its inputs are high. The Boolean expression for a 4-input NAND gate is

where Output = 0 when A = 1, B = 1, C = 1 and D = 1; Output = 1 otherwise.

Problem 2.1

(a) Prove T9(b).

(b) Prove T10 : (a) and (b) by completing the truth tables below :


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Problem 2.2

(a) Write down the Boolean expression at the output Y of the 3-input NAND gate,

in terms of the inputs A, B and C.

(b) Complete the truth table below for the circuit in (a).

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