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Breadth Courses

Breadth Courses


​General Education Breadth Courses are composed of the following components:

  Cohort 2015/16 and before Cohort 2016/17 – 18/19 Cohort 2019/20 and after

General Education Breadth Learning Strands (1-3)

Strand 1: Persons, Interpretations, Perspectives

Strand 2: Community, Society, Culture 

Strand 3: Nature, Science, Technology

At least one course from each of Strands 1 – 3 3 credit points from each of Strands 3 credit points
Positive and Values Education Courses (PAVE) optional 3 credit points 3 credit points
General Education Interdisciplinary Courses - - 3 credit points
Total credit points required 12 credit points 12 credit points 9 credit points

​For details, please visit the General Education Office website

General Education Breadth Learning Strands (1-3) & PAVE Courses offered by FEHD
Course Title
StrandStrand / PAVE
Course Outline