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Final Year Project (from 2019-24 cohort)

Final Year Project (For 5-year Full-time BEd Students only)


Students studying the 5-year Full-time Bachelor of Education programmes will work on a Final Year Project that integrates and reflects their undergraduate experiences. The project will help the transition to postgraduate studies and working careers.

About the Final Year Project

​Students can choose to undertake either an Honours Project (HP) or a Capstone Project (CP) based on their professional needs and interests.

Final Year Project



Honours Project I: Research Methods and Proposal/
Capstone Project I: Research Methods and Proposal

(download course outline for HPI / course outline for CPI)

Part A
Generic Research Methods
(1.5 cps)

Part B
Methods for Specific Area* in Preparation of Honours Project/ Capstone Project
(1.5 cps)

* Students can choose an area offered by their Major or Education Studies


Honours Project II: Research Project/
Capstone Project II: Project Output

(download course outline for HPII / course outline for CPII)



Honours Project (3 cps) /
Capstone Project (3 cps)


Honours Project vs Capstone Project


Honours Project 畢業論文

Capstone Project 總整專案


  • Preparation for postgraduate studies
  • Knowledge transfer to a wider academic/scholarly community
  • Academic-oriented
  • Preparation for future employment
  • Knowledge transfer in work-related contexts
  • Action / practice-oriented 

Project output

Research report

Greater flexibility in project output. 

e.g. learning material design, teaching package, service package, assessment package, portfolio




  • Research Method: Online exercises and tutorial exercises
  • Proposal: a 2,000-English word (or 3,500-Chinese character) project proposal


  • Research Method: Online exercises and tutorial exercises
  • Proposal: a 1,200 to 1,500-English word (or 1,900 to 2,400-Chinese character) written proposal
  • A demonstration/ visualisation of the project idea


  • Refinement of Proposal
  • Verbal presentation on the research study
  • A 6,000 to 8,000-English word (or 10,000 to 13,000-Chinese character) research report


  • Refinement of Proposal
  • Project output and presentation
  • A 1,500 to 2,500-English word (or 2,400 to 4,000-Chinese character) project report

* Medium of Instruction (MoI) including assessment is mainly in English [except BEd(CL) and with option in either English/Chinese for BEd(CHI HIST)]

Research Areas Offered by FEHD

Comparative and Philosophical Research

  • Comparative education research
  • Philosophy research
  • Values education research
  • Sociology of education research

Examples on Research Topics
  • Private Tutoring in Hong Kong
  • Comparative Study of Associate and Bachelor's Degree Holders in Hong Kong
  • Buddhist Views of Life and Death
  • National Identity as an Educational Aim
  • Indoctrination in Education
  • Ethnic Minority Issues in Education
  • A Comparative Study on Sexuality Education in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • A Comparative Study of Inclusive Education in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • The Secondary English Education Curricula in Hong Kong and Guangzhou: A Comparative Study
  • The Assemblies of God View of Death and the Meaning of the Life-Death Education in Hong Kong
  • A Comparative Study of the Education System between Hong Kong and Japan in Supporting the Holistic Development of Students

Counselling, Inclusion and Special Education


Honours Project

  • Inclusion of diversity
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Learning support for students with special educational needs (SEN) such as those with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sensory impairment, autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit and hyperactivity, emotional and behavioral difficulties, mental health problems and giftedness
  • Assessments based on neurophysiological approaches, e.g. brainwave measurement, eyetracking and heart rate variability

Capstone Project
Serving students with SEN using teaching / service package approach

Aid SEN students through action learning by developing a teaching/ service package in the following areas:

  • Inclusion of diversity 
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Learning support for students with SEN
Examples on Research Topics
  • An exploration of effective behavioral management strategies for students with ADHD – a pre- and post- test design approach
  • An investigation of attitudes and perceptions of teachers, students or parents towards inclusive education
  • An investigation on language acquisition for students with dyslexia using mobile EEG device to measure students’ responses to phonological / visual spatial signals
  • Vagal tone as a predictor of emotional instability in students with SEN
  • Executive function training service for a student with ADHD: A case study

Curriculum, Teaching, Instruction and Assessment


Honours Project

  • Instructional practices (e.g. innovative teaching strategies, creative teaching, classroom interaction, classroom diversity practices, inquiry-based/ project-based learning)
  • Curriculum (e.g. curriculum development, curriculum integration)
  • Assessment strategies (e.g. formative assessment, self and peer assessment, feedback)
  • Factors affecting learning (e.g. motivation, stress) 
  • Classroom management
  • Teacher development

Capstone Project
Learning-oriented assessment in schools: Developing reflective practitioners

Equip yourself to be a competent assessment-literate teacher by designing different assessment tools through action learning. Examples of such assessment designs might be:

  • A learning-oriented assessment plan for any learning project/experiential learning programmes
  • A set of detailed exemplifications (written or video-based cases) to illustrate learning-oriented assessment methods/strategies
  • A teacher's guide on how to use learning-oriented methods/strategies
  • Assessment tools and E-assessment Apps


Examples on Research Topics
  • Effects of cooperative learning for improved learning in [a specific subject]
  • Assessment [e.g. tests or exams] pressure on students
  • Effectiveness of applying [a specific teaching method or theory e.g. Theory of Variation] in teaching [a specific subject]
  • Effectiveness of applying self-assessment in [a specific subject] among primary / secondary students
  • Exploring the implementation of [a specific subject] in the new secondary curriculum reform
  • Investigating useful strategies in managing a [subject / diversified / primary / secondary] classroom

Early Years Education


Honours Project

Children's development and education from 0-8 years in the following areas:

  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematics and science
  • Creativity and aesthetics
  • Health and well-being
  • Special educational needs

Capstone Project
Designing engaging learning and teaching materials to support young children’s social emotional and values development

Apply your professional knowledge to create, implement, and test a teaching package for children from 0-8 years in the following areas:

  • Social emotional development
  • Values development
  • Life education
  • Sustainability education
Examples on Research Topics
  • The effects of reading aloud on the vocabulary development of 5 to 6 year old children
  • Kindergarten teachers’ beliefs and practices of the teaching of art to children
  • Hong Kong children's (6-8 years old) choices of toys and gender stereotypes
  • The Influence of parents’ feeding practices on children’s eating behaviours
  • The effects of peer intervention on autistic children’s social interaction in group activities
  • The relation between parenting styles and children’s emotional expression

Education Policy, Leadership, Teacher and School Development


Honours Project

  • Education policy and its impact on students/teachers/schools
  • Leading educational changes 
  • Innovative teaching practices 
  • Teachers' work lives and professional development
  • School development in the context of educational change
  • Equality, equity, and justice issues in Hong Kong schools

Capstone Project
Education experimentation: Innovative and experiential learning design

​Investigate an education problem from a user’s perspective; design and implement a creative action plan to tackle the problem. Examples of such project themes might be:

  • New possibilities and innovative practices for education or experiential learning
  • “User Experience Design” such as library space design or textbook design
  • Collaboration between teachers and parents, professionals and/ or community partners
  • Teacher Professionalism
  • The role of an educator-leader with ethical sensitivity and social consciousness
  • Promoting equality/equity and social justice through education
  • Student engagement
Examples on Research Topics
  • School support scheme for minority students
  • The impact of different practicum models on pre-service teacher
  • Teaching strategies for promoting positive learning environment in primary school classrooms
  • Impact of students’ private tutoring on classroom teaching
  • Innovative design of space/ materials to enhance learning experiences
  • Effect of students’ SES (social-economic status) backgrounds on their academic performance
  • The implementation of life planning education in secondary schools of Hong Kong
  • Teachers perception and practice of professional ethics

Psychology in Teaching and Learning


Honours Project

  • Cognitive processes (memory, thinking style, creativity)
  • Community and health psychology (stress and coping)
  • Developmental psychology (cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-concept)
  • Educational psychology (motivation, teaching and learning strategies, and effectiveness)
  • Social / personality psychology (social factors, culture, peer relationships)
  • Quantitative psychology (assessment)

Capstone Project
Implementing positive psychology into the education setting

Enhance psychological well-being by applying the concepts of positive psychology to an educational setting, and develop a teaching or intervention package in the following areas:

  • Character strengths
  • Self-resilience
  • Gratitude
Examples on Research Topics
  • The effect of brain-breaks on short-term memory among primary school students in Hong Kong
  • The relationship between academic self-efficacy, test anxiety, and academic motivation among secondary school students in Hong Kong
  • Prediction of elementary students’ academic competence by their self-resilience and self-esteem
  • Preservice teachers’ perceived career optimism, job-stress, and teaching self-efficacy
  • Teacher identity development through critical reflection: A Hong Kong experience
  • Effect of the gratitude education program on gratitude level and resilience in learning among primary school students in Hong Kong

Timeline for Final Year Project
Year 3 Semester I


  • find a Research Area#. 
  • submit a Research Area indication form online to the Faculty Office of your study programme.

Consult the coordinators for advice. They will help you to find a Research Area that suits your interests and ambitions

Year 4 Semester II

You'll study the Honours Project I / Capstone Project I

Year 5 Semester I


  • finalise the proposal and apply for ethical review
  • study the Honours Project II / Capstone Project II
Year 5 Semester II

You'll conduct presentation and submit a written report and / or other forms of project output 

# You can opt to undertake an Honours Project or Capstone Project in these areas, except in Comparative and Philosophical Research.