Presentation Guidelines

(A) Setup before a session:

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer with Webcam, microphone, speaker/earpiece and a stable internet connection.
  • Install Zoom client for meetings on the computer. For more information about Zoom, please visit Zoom's help center.
  • Visit this page and click on the Join button to test Zoom controls: audio, video, chat and more.
  • Please change the virtual background of your Zoom to this image (right-click to save the linked image to your computer).

(B) How to join a session:

  • Click the Zoom link or enter the meeting ID with password to join a session at least 10 minutes before the session starts
  • Please note that the Zoom link may not be ready and you may need to wait until the host starts the session.
  • Inform the Session Chair that you are the presenter when you are in the online session.

(C) During a session:

  • A Session Chair will introduce the presentation topics and the presenters. S/he will also facilitate Q&A discussion after the end of each presentation.
  • You will be allocated at most 25 minutes, including 20-minute presentation followed by 5-minute Q&A.
  • When starting your presentation, turn on your Webcam and microphone, share your screen and open your presentation slides.
  • After completing your presentation, stop sharing your screen and mute your speaker.
  • All presentations will be live streamed to the conference registrants online via Zoom.

If you have any questions about your presentation, please contact us at