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Seminar cum Workshop - "Developing Creativity through STEM+A Activities – A sharing across Arts and Sciences"

Seminar cum Workshop
"Developing Creativity through STEM+A Activities – A sharing across Arts and Sciences"
Conductors: Core Teaching Team of “Creativity and STEM/STEAM” Minor
Date: 29 Oct, 2018 
Time: 12:00 to 2:00pm
Venue: D1-LP-03
Medium: Cantonese (with English PPT)
This is a first preliminary dissemination of on-going Teaching Development Grant project. In it, five teachers from Science and Art disciplines will briefly introduce how creativity can be developed through STEM/STEAM activities in the courses of the captioned Minor programme. One-hour sharing will be followed by some simple STEM and STEAM hands-on works.


I create therefore I am (Dr. Chan Man Ho, SES)

Doing independent action projects is one of the best ways for developing creativity. The presentation will discuss some examples of students’ projects and show how they apply creativity in solving problems.


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Playfulness is a central role in learning and developing creativity (Dr. Wong So Lan, CCA)

All children are creative and like to be spontaneous in their creative play which you should have experience. As Imaginative arts experiences and playfulness helps us get to better creative solutions, it plays a central role in developing Nurturing Creativity through Visual Arts Activities. The presentation will share some playful and imaginative learning activities. You will have a chance to taste one.

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Technology is NOT the key issue in STEM and invention (Mr. Chan Ping Man. SES)

The presentation will illustrate with examples from teaching a course on STEM and invention. Experience shows that teaching the technical know-how of using technology is only a very small part of the puzzle. The real challenge for teachers in STEM and creativity is usually how to nurture the mindsets of inventors.

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Enabling Students to Creative Music-making through the Application of Electronic Building Blocks and Coding (Dr. Leung Chi Hin Michael, CCA)

The presentation will share the experiences in teaching and learning creative music-making in the course MUS2170 Creativity in Music. Students from various music backgrounds are able to perform and create music in groups with the application of electronic building blocks and coding. 


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Developing creativity through STEM+A activities – Where and How (Dr. Cheng Mo Yin Vivian, SES)

The presentation will briefly discuss three topics - first is what types of creativity are involved in STEM+A learning and how to foster them, second on how to foster creativity through assessments, and third will be an introduction of our Creativity and STEM/STEAM Minor and their integration. The presentation will be illustrated with some student works.  


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