The ‘International Tutors’ Magazine is out!

The Magazine is spearheaded by a member of the International Tutors team and focuses on building community within EdUHK. It is not only an outlet for students to share stories with their community but also an opportunity for them to improve their writing skills, express their creativity, and challenge their boundaries. We accept submissions from all backgrounds–no previous experience necessary! There's also no worry over the quality of your writing as our Editor will assist you with proof-reading.

If you are interested in contributing to the Magazine or have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Jenny Tan at jxtan@eduhk.h


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* The ‘International Tutors’ Magazine was previously called “IT Magazine”. The name change took effect in February 2022.

*The “IT Magazine” was previously called “IT Newsletter”. The name change took effect in September 2018.

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