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Magoosh is a test preparation company with a focus on teaching the GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT and MCAT through video and friendly support. The app is further divided into five sub-apps for each of the major test and a study timer app. It is a very good tool for learning vocabulary as preparation for those key international English exams.


Knowji AWL + Lite (Academic Word List)


Knowji is the app that you need to makes the highest quality and most effective vocabulary in app store. This app teaches you 1100 academic words that all students, particularly ELL learners, need to know in an academic environment. At university,  students need to learn academic vocabulary or AWL. The AWL (Academic Word List) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the world renowned School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. You won't believe how quickly you'll learn using this app!


Improve English: Word Games


For those who are learning English as an additional language, Improve English: Word Games will provide a steady progression of understanding.  It teaches new vocabulary and offers plenty of ways in which to practise.  (Android-Free, iPad-Free)


Learn English Vocabulary


Learn English with Visual Vocabulary quickly and effectively. Use most effective Visual memory technique to build your Vocabulary skills. Visual Vocabulary app is the best way to improve your language skills by answering Test and Listening task questions. Visual Vocabulary app is perfect for Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels.


English Idioms Illustrated


Learning English idioms can be a challenge! But once you grasp them, you will be an ‘insider’ in a conversation with native speakers of English. This app is here to help you memorize them using pictures. More importantly, it also shows you the origins of these idioms including folk stories, cultural habits/customs, which will be of great help when trying to blend in and become a part of the English-speaking cultures.


English Idioms Interactive Lite


This app is packed with 45 hilarious cartoons illustrating some of the FUNNIEST English idioms, plus quizzes and information to help improve your knowledge and command of English. English idioms rarely mean what they say. Native speakers use these unique parts of English without thinking about them too much, but for language learners they often cause mix-ups and confusion. This app can boost your vocabulary and strengthen your reading skills too.


Learn English -6000 Essential Words

English vocabulary is one of Poro’s apps to help you build up your English Vocabulary quickly by using the most effective way - Visual memory technique.English Vocabulary app is perfect for Beginner, Pre-Intermediate , Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels with 6000+ words with pictures and pronunciations of native speakers.


IELTS Vocabulary Booster


One application for all your IELTS needs. In this application you will get 100+ topic wise IELTS Speaking vocabulary, IELTS writing task 1, IELTS writing task 2 vocabulary.
You will get 5 types of fun IELTS vocabulary games, at last vocabulary quiz with more than 10000 questions. This app can help you score band 9, Trust me this is the best app for IELTS Preparation. This app will make your IELTS Speaking preparation, IELTS Writing Preparation, IELTS Listening Preparation so much easy.



Memrise uses some creative, funny ways to help you remember what words mean. And if something’s funny, you can probably remember it better. There are over thirteen pages of courses available on the app, from easy ones like “English Irregular Verbs” to more difficult ones like “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. Also, you can also keep track of what you’ve learnt. This way, if you forget what a word means, or forget what words you’ve learnt, you can just go back and have a look.



Drops is a vocabulary app. No reading. No typing. Just five minutes a day. The app focuses on clean illustrations, all in white, set against solid-colored backdrops. Whether you’re matching pictures to their translations, unscrambling letters to practice spelling, or swiping across a grid of letters to unearth the word that matches the picture, the exercises feel like quick games. The lessons in Drops walk you through 120 word buckets covering food, drinks, numbers, and hotel terms.



One of the greatest apps to gain new vocabulary. Quizlet not only uses the flashcard approach to vocabulary, but actually corrects misspelling by crossing out the extra letters, or putting them into the right place so you can see clearly the order of the letters. It is also characterised with non-robotic pronunciations.





This academic word list is a must-have resource for IELTS test takers, especially who are working for high scores. The 4000+ words reflect the essential vocabulary level of IELTS academic test. In this app, every test contains 20 questions and you may check your answers at the end of the test to self-evaluate.


IELTS Word Power


IELTS Word Power is a vocabulary practice app offered by the British Council. It provides over 100 questions to test your word power.  The app introduces students to useful English words so they can use them in the speaking and writing parts of the IELTS test. This app can help build the vocabulary you need to reach you full potential in IELTS.



Hello Talk


This app allows you to talk in real time with people from all over the world. It gives you the speaking practice that so many need.


American English Speaking

This useful app contains a lot of English lessons that will help you improve listening and speaking abilities. All lessons of this app are in American accent. You can also read the full transcript of each lesson while listening to the audios.


Learn English Speaking


This app contains a wide range of materials to help you learn English. Pick up some basic phrases, expand your vocabulary.




This app provides the standard set of phonetic symbols for English. Each of the 48 English IPA contains phonetic pronunciation, an example of the pronunciation of words and sentences. It also include both British and American accent. Learning IPA helps a student to grasp the pronunciation of new English words with more confidence.



DubYou is a line-by-line, “repeat-after-me” voice-over app that allows you to mimic characters from Hollywood movies, viral videos, etc. This app is always at the disposal of any smart device owner, and gives you a quick boost whenever you need help with the basics such as pronunciation and intonation. More importantly, additional long-term benefits of doing voice-overs include mastering the practical use of new vocabulary, as well as getting accustomed to the nuances and variances of the language, such as accents from different parts of the world.




Babbel trains your pronunciation with the speech recognition technology. New vocabulary is storied to your Review Manager improving your long term vocabulary. Under each unit, there are around 10-20 mini lessons that are build on top of one another, creating a comprehensive platform to master the essential vocabulary needed in real-life scenarios. You can also track your progress as you learn Babbel’s notification widget. Learn anytime and anywhere across all your devices.



Italki connects over 3 million language learners and teachers worldwide for 1-on-1 lessons in any language anytime. With italki, becoming fluent in any language easy, fun and personal! You can schedule lessons with real online professional teachers and community tutors. Calendar to stay up to date with your language lessons and send messages in real time with language partners and teachers.





Flowlingo provides a myriad of popular magazine articles such as those from Buzzfeed, Wikipedia, Reddit, Huffington Post, Google News for intermediate to advanced learners to learn the language in the most recent and relevant news and contexts. The app immerses you in content that you already enjoy so you learn more and faster.


The Economist Espresso


The Economist Espresso is free to download with access to one article daily for non-subscribers. A new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist is delivered to your smartphone before breakfast, which tells you what to look out for in business, finance and politics and, most importantly, what to make of it. Target learners of the app include advanced and business students.



LearnEnglish Audio and Video


With LearnEnglish Audio & Video, you can access the best podcasts and video brought to you by British Council’s LearnEnglish website, as well as a lot of special features, such as interactive audioscripts, keyword glossaries, and comprehension exercises for every episode of content. Listen to and watch our most popular English learning podcasts and videos in LearnEnglish Audio & Video!




Audiobooks. com is the best free audiobook app to download and instantly stream more than 100,000 premium audiobooks. Everything you need is right within the app: claim credits on titles, access your audio book wish list, view your library, and play your audio books without ever having to visit the website. The app is suitable for learners of intermediate, advanced, and academic levels. It can enhance learners’ listening ability with variable narration speed at 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x original pace.



A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to. Learners can listen to or watch podcasts like listening to radio or watching TV shows. Podcast includes talk shows, sports reports, audio books, music, news, traveling, language learning, etc. Learners can choose one or two podcasts for intensive listening, with each program being repeated more than once, and then learn with texts.



Practice English Grammar

This app improves your English grammar now with more than 1000 questions, 750 flashcards and 100+ games. It will improve your writing by taking you through a range of grammar topics from tenses to the passive voice. Memorize the grammar facts on the flashcards and test your knowledge right away with a quiz. Learning by doing and tracking your progress. This app is for basic and advanced learners on iPhones and iPads.


Grammar Up


Grammar Up was designed to replicate questions with a business focus commonly found in the popular TOEIC English proficiency test. Grammar Up uses graphs to help you identify your grammatical strengths and weaknesses. Then you can decide which areas to focus your efforts on.

Grammar Up’s other innovative features include a timer for users who want to practice under time pressure. It also provides real-time error feedback to help you learn quickly and efficiently.


LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition)


LearnEnglish Grammar provides four levels of grammar courses to improve learners’ English grammar accuracy. The app offers 1000s of questions to help practise and reinforce your English grammar skills. Each level is split into 25 grammar topics such as Simple past, Past continuous, Question tags, Prepositions, conditionals and Future perfect.


Learning English Grammar

Best App for learning English Grammar from developers of Visual Vocabulary App. 
This English grammar app covers 100+ popular grammar topics using simple explanations, many examples, and colorful pictures. All grammar topics are available for free.

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