Why not DIY? Bilingual Video Clip-Making Competition 2020-21

Winners of 2021-22 Bilingual Video Clip-Making Competition

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2021-22 Bilingual Video Clip-Making Competition:

      Champion: Cheung Hiu Man

      First runner-up: Yuen Wing Shan

      Second runner-up: Loo Wing Yan

      Merit Award: Cho Chui Ting

      Merit Award: Yuen Wing Man

Please click the following links for the videos from the Champion, Cheung Hiu Man:

Chinese version: https://youtu.be/ogvQUbafSx8

English version: https://youtu.be/NE6kdDjz8d8


Contest Description
Technology has taken a role as a means of learning language. With the increasing popularity of social media tools, language learning is increasingly associated with mobile technology which largely helps engage students in out-of-class language learning activities. This mobile-assisted language learning task aims at combining language learning with real-life experiences.
Vlogging, which refers to video and blog, is about providing online broadcasts which serve as both an audiovisual life documentary and a vehicle for communication. Vloggers post their stories or information about their interested topics in the form of video and share them on any social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
This activity is a smartphone-based vlog contest which requires participants to engage in smartphone-based video filming. The contest is targeted at all students of the university. Students will participate as individuals. Each participant will be asked to produce two short video clips between 3 and 5 minutes in length each (one in English and one in Cantonese/Putonghua) on the following topic which can be narrowed down and focused to a specific theme relevant to it:
Introduce an interesting place in Hong Kong
Submission Requirement
1. The two video clips should have the same visual elements. The organisation and pace of the clips should also be the same. The content should be original, narrated solely by the participant, and the content of the two clips should be equivalent to each other.
2. Your full name, student number and title of the vlog should be introduced with a full screen title page at the beginning of each video. Your vlogs have to be posted as two different video clips on YouTube accessible through your private Google accounts or university Google (s.eduhk.hk) accounts, using the unlisted function.
3. To set your videos as unlisted, please click the “Your videos” button and you will be able to find the unlisted option under visibility.
4. Participants have to enroll in a self-enrolled Moodle course, that is called ASLLC bilingual contests materials. Please click here for more details.
5. After the enrollment, please submit your Youtube links to “2021-22 "Vlog about an interesting place in Hong Kong" Bilingual Video Clip-Making Competition Video Submission”
6. All participants have to finish the evaluation after the submission.
7. Participants who do not follow the above rules and the requirements needed for the submission will be disqualified.
A panel of judges will assess your works in the following areas:
  1. Vocabulary (20%)
  • Are the word choices correct and appropriate?
  1. Grammar (20%)
  • Do grammatical mistakes lead to understanding problems?
  • Do the same grammatical mistakes happen consistently?
  1. Pronunciation (20%)
  • Do the same pronunciation errors happen consistently?
  • Do these pronunciation errors make it difficult to understand?
  1. Fluency (20%)
  • Do you talk smoothly and confidently?
  • Is the speech read from a script?
  1. Technical quality (10%)
  • Do the videos contain clear audio and visual effects?
  1. Content originality, creativity and relevance (10%)
  • Is the content original, creative and relevant to the topic?
  1.  The decision of the judges is final..
Open for submission: 19 April 2022
Deadline for submission of the two YouTube links: 29 April 2022
Adjudication: May 2022
Announcement of results: June 2022
Presentation of prizes: June 2022
The champion will receive the grand prize of $800 coupon, the 1st runner up $600 coupon and the 2nd runner up $400 coupon.
There will also be two merit awards for creativity. Each awardee will be given a $200 coupon.
If you have any questions about the contest, please contact write an email to asllc@eduhk.hk or jytfong@eduhk.hk.

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