Linguaskill (Business English) Test Preparation Mini-Courses

Linguaskill (Business English) Test Preparation Mini-Courses

[Note: Priority will be given to applications made by Senior Year Entry Students]

Linguaskill Business is a test developed by Cambridge Assessment English and specially designed for businesses and institutions. It could help you assess the language skills needed for the workplace or for studies.

Why choose this test?

  • Linguaskill Business is an adaptive language test that allows you to test your language proficiency, which is linked to the International standards of CEFR  (from A1 to C1)
  • Linguaskill Business is specific to business environment and often used by companies to evaluate the language skills of their existing and perspective employees
  • Linguaskill Business test results may enhance your curriculum vitae/resume.

Benefits of preparing Linguaskill Business Test with the International Tutors of CLE

  • You can know the test format with corresponding test content
  • You can practise your English and improve your performance in the test
  • You can have intensive test preparation lessons (10 sessions per mini-course; totally 20 sessions/40 hours when completing course 1 and 2) with native-fluent tutors
  • You could get coupons worth of $1,200 upon successfully completion of the following (Notes: 50 quota for 2021-23; first-come-first served):
  1. Complete the following 2 preparatory courses offered by the International Tutors of CLE:

Linguaskill Business Preparation 1:

Workplace prep & Business Speaking

Linguaskill Business Preparation 2:

Business Writing, Reading & Listening

    • Complete the Linguaskill Business Test (bundled test)
    • Print and return the result slip to the ASLLC counter (B3-G/F-05) in person

What is the test about?

Linguaskill Business tests Reading and Listening (combined), Writing and Speaking.

Reading and Listening



Length: about 60–85 minutes

Length: 45 minutes

(2 parts)

Length: 15 minutes (5 parts)

Types of questions – Reading tasks:

Read and select
Gapped sentences
Multiple-choice gap-fill
Open gap-fill
Extended reading

Types of questions – Listening tasks:

Listen and select
Extended listening

Part 1 (Email)

The candidate will be asked to write a minimum of 50 words

Part 2 (Long text)

The candidate will be asked to write a minimum of 180 words

Part 1 (interview)

The candidate answers eight questions about themselves (the first two questions are not marked).

Part 2 (reading aloud)

The candidate reads eight sentences aloud.

Part 3 (long turn 1)

The candidate is given a topic to talk about for one minute. 40 seconds are allowed for preparation.

Part 4 (long turn 2)

The candidate is given one or more graphics (such as a diagram or information sheet) to talk about for one minute. One minute is allowed for preparation.

Part 5 (communication activity)

The candidate gives their opinions in the form of short responses to five questions related to one topic. One minute is allowed for preparation.

The following table shows a breakdown of the language proficiency levels tested by Linguaskill Business:


CEFR level


C1 or above










Below A1


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