Updated: Watermelon Carving and Hocus Pocus: A Spooktacular Witchy Event

The International Tutors of CLE offered two spooky and fun Halloween events at the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC) on October 31, 2019. The Watermelon Carving and Hocus Pocus: A Spooktacular Witchy Event aimed to show students the different cultures of Halloween and to enhance their English language skills through different activities.

Learning about different cultures and having the opportunity to use that knowledge is what the International Tutors wanted to achieve through the Halloween events of this year. Two events were provided on the same day so as to show the different sides of Halloween.

Firstly, with the Watermelon Carving event, the International Tutors wanted to highlight an important aspect of Halloween and decided to do watermelon carving in place of pumpkin carving. In this event, students were able to learn about the origin of Jack- o’- Lanterns and were able to make some gorgeous, but terrifying watermelons. This event helped build creative abilities among students while also enhancing their teamwork skills.



The second event, Hocus Pocus: A Spooktacular Witchy Event showcased the different witches from around the world. The International Tutors wanted to feature something that all their countries had and decided to focus on witches for the main event of Halloween. During this event, students worked together in groups in order to finish a task and learn more about each country. After this activity, a dance party followed along with a costume runway competition in which students showed off some of their amazing Halloween costumes.



The International Tutor Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the many students and staff who helped to make the two Halloween events a success. All the planning could not have made these two successful events; it is the total involvement and enthusiasm of students and staff. The true thanks goes to them.

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