Navigating Through Change: TEDxEdUHK Generates Buzz and Excitement

The TEDxEdUHK event of this year, themed "Navigating through change," was held on May 27, 2023, at C-LP-11. The event was a huge success, with nearly 90 attendees from both the university and outside community.

The event was kicked off by Dr. Jin Jing, Head of the Centre for Language in Education (CLE), who welcomed the guests and introduced the theme of this year. It was then followed by the hosts who introduced the six speakers from different backgrounds. Two of the speakers were EdUHK students, adding a unique perspective to the event.

The speakers covered a wide range of topics related to the theme, including learning, social media, personal growth, artificial intelligence (AI), and ethnic minority issues.  Dr. Yilmaz Koylo, a university lecturer, delivered an insightful talk on "The Future of Education." He delved into the importance of being AI literate and human in order to equip ourselves for the future. Ms. Bakar Fariha Salma Deiya, a community leader, shared her personal journey of overcoming adversity and embracing diversity in her speech titled "Voices of Diversity." Ms. Liang Yim Chee, an EdUHK alumna, took to the stage to discuss how she found self-love and acceptance through powerlifting in her talk "My Journey to Loving Myself”. Ryan Lam, an EdUHK student, shared his story of battling mental health issues and low self-esteem in his moving speech "How to Win a Contest without Losing Peace”. Brazilian educator Mr. Gabriel Franchi discussed the importance of rediscovering our child-like curiosity to become better educators and critical thinkers in his talk titled "From Playfulness to Purpose." The final speaker, actress, and content creator J Lou, shared her story of turning viral content into a successful business in her talk "How to Turn Viral into a Business."

"We are thrilled with the success of the TEDxEdUHK event," said Dr. Jin Jing. "The speakers were truly inspiring, and their stories and insights resonated with the audience. We hope that this event has encouraged everyone to think about how they can navigate through change in their own lives and make a positive impact on the world."

The event was a collaborative effort between EdUHK and the TEDx organization, and it provided a unique platform for speakers from diverse backgrounds to share their ideas and experiences.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the speakers for sharing their insightful stories, to the audience for their enthusiastic participation, to the Organizing Team and student helpers for their outstanding teamwork and professionalism, and to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to continuing to inspire and empower the community with TEDxEdUHK.

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